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Use the wizard to change the agents, teams, and/or dates in built schedules.

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To rebuild an existing schedule using the Schedule Rebuild Wizard:
  1. Click the Rebuild Schedule button (WM 851 icon-rebuild-schedule.png) on a schedule scenario view's Actions toolbar or select Rebuild Schedule from the Actions menu. The first of the Schedule Rebuild Wizard's two screens, Choose Start/End Date, opens.
  2. Enter the dates for which you want to rebuild the schedule.

    Neither date can be outside the scenario's original date range.

  3. Click Next.
  4. From the Select Agents window's list, select the agents you want to include in the modified schedule. You can expand business units to display their sites and you can expand sites to display their teams and agents. You can select any number of agents and/or teams within a single business unit.
    A highlighted background color indicates agents whose schedules were edited (for the selected date range) after the last build or rebuild.
  5. If appropriate, select Do not rebuild modified agent schedules.

    Selecting this check box prevents the schedule builder from making further schedule changes for agents whose schedules were edited after the last build/rebuild.

  6. Click Finish to rebuild the schedule with the new parameters.

    Or click Previous to review or change your Start/End Date selections, or Cancel to close the wizard without modifying the schedule.

Viewing warnings after rebuilding the schedule

After rebuilding Intra-Day, Weekly, and Agent Extended Master Schedules is finished, you can view and save any warnings messages that were generated during the rebuild. WFM displays the number of warnings that occurred during Master Schedule rebuilds and saves them for further review.

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