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Learn about Workforce Management's security and accessibility features.

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Security features

WFM Web includes security features that prevent unauthorized access to information:

  • You can view and make changes only to those modules (such as Calendar or Schedule) and objects (such as sites) for which you have security access. You cannot access other modules or objects.
  • Configuration and security options enable you to restrict access to agents' personal information, such as wages.
  • Agents use a separate application (WFM Web for Agents), which enables them to view and change their own information. They have limited access to other agents' schedule information, but only if schedule trading is enabled at your site. Agents can also access this application on their Android, smartphone, or other mobile device if the supervisor provides the URL.


To run Web for Supervisors with accessibility tools like JAWS, set the ACCESSIBILITY_COMPATIBLE Web Application setting to true in the About > Settings.. dialog. Otherwise, WFM Web for Supervisors could freeze, or display adverse or unexpected behavior while screen readers like JAWS are being used.

Screen Reader support

WFM Web for Supervisors supports screen readers for vision-impaired users, with keyboard, focus, and screen reader ToolTip support throughout the WFM Web for Supervisors interface. Every menu item and on-screen command can be reached by using the keyboard (and so, can also be reached using a screen reader).

In addition, the Accessible Schedule Details dialog box simplifies and organizes commands for vision-impaired users and the screen readers that they use, in these views:

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