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When staffing forecasts, use the wizard to split a multi-site activity's staffing results between its associated activities.

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A multi-site activity (virtual activity set) has one or more associated activities (existing activities).  After building calculated and required staffing for a multi-site activity, you can then use this wizard to split the result between associated activities.
TheStaffing Split Wizard is available only within a Forecast Scenario. You must add multi-site activities to the forecast scenario for them to be available in the wizard for splitting.

Splitting multi-site activity staffing

To use the Staffing Split Wizard:

  1. In a currently-open forecast scenario, select a multi-site activity with already-built staffing values.
  2. On the Forecast Scenario Staffing View toolbar, click Split.
    The first of the Staffing Split Wizard's three screens, Select Multi-site Activities, opens.
  3. Select the check boxes next to the multi-site activities that have staffing values you want to be split between associated activities.
    You can select several multi-site activities within the same business unit.
  4. Select Use AHT Forecast if you want WFM Web to consider average handling time forecasts when performing the split and then, click Next.
    The wizard's second screen, Select Activities within Multi-site Activity, opens.
  5. At the bottom of the pane, enable (enter a check mark) in the Split Required Also check box, if you want required staffing to also be split.
  6. Select the local (target) activities into which you want to split the multi-site activities and then, click Next.
    The wizard's third screen, Specify budgeting data, opens. The top half of the screen displays a table with a row for each site in the forecast. Each site row contains these columns
    • Site
    • Activity
    • Hours (corresponds to the Paid Hrs/Day text box below the table)
    • Wage (corresponds to the Hourly Wage text box below the table)
  7. To change an individual value, click a number inside an Hours or Wage cell of the table, and type a new value.
  8. To change all values in a column of the table at once, click inside the corresponding text box below the table, and then click Set All.
    You can change one, some, or all fields. See the Staffing Build Wizard topic for definitions.
  9. Click Finish.
    WFM Web displays a Progress dialog while it splits the activities.
  10. Optionally, click Cancel in this dialog if you want to cancel the split.
    After splitting the activities, WFM Web returns to the Staffing View.
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