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Configure the options for the type of data you want to display in Scenario > Intra-Day schedules.

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Use the Options dialog box to configure the data that is shown on the:

To open the Options dialog box:

  1. Click Options WM 851 icon-options.png on the Actions toolbar, or select Options... from the Actions menu.
    The Options dialog box opens.
    • When called from an Intra-Day view, it has three tabs: Options, Performance, and Columns.
    • When called from an Agent-Extended view, it has two tabs: Options and Columns.

      Each tab is described below.
  2. After you are done configuring the Options dialog box, click OK to save your changes, or Cancel to restore the original selections.

The Options dialog box closes and the view refreshes. The settings that you configure for a scenario or the Master Schedule appear whenever you return to the view for that scenario or for the Master Schedule, until you log off.

To configure options in this dialog box:

  1. If you do not need the Legend to appear, you can clear the Show Schedule Legend check box to provide more space for the grid.
  2. If you want to see agent availability on the grid, select the Show Agent Availability check box. Hours when an agent is unavailable are then shown in light gray on the grid.
  3. Select the check box Show agents with granted and scheduled rotating pattern or any other calendar preference to see which schedule days contain such an item. The result: a red check box and Agent icon appears in the left-most column (labeled "!") for every Agent who meets these conditions.
    You can use this tool to learn whether an agent was given a schedule based on a schedule preference, which might influence your decision to modify this agent's schedule. This icon is displayed only if the agent was given a rotating pattern or preference (such as for time off) as a result of building a schedule. If an agent’s schedule is manually edited to give him or her a preference, or a schedule from a rotating pattern, then the icon will not be displayed.
  4. Select the radio button for the hours you want to show, 24 to show 24 hours or 36 to show 36 hours.
  5. Select the Presentation type: Schedule only, Schedule on top, or Marked time on top.
    Your selection affects the colored bars in the schedule. If Schedule only is selected, you cannot see Marked time.

To configure the Performance tab (not available in Agent-Extended view):

  1. If you select the Show Performance Information check box, you can further customize exactly what performance information WFM Web shows on the Intra-Day Schedule view.
    If you clear this check box, the rest of the options on this tab are disabled.
  2. If you prefer not to see the legend that explains the colors used to distinguish performance data, clear the Show Performance Legend check box.
  3. The Update Automatically check box determines whether schedule changes are shown when they happen.
    Clear this only if you have network bandwidth issues that make automatic updates a problem.
  4. If you selected to view performance data, you can select the check boxes to show additional information in the performance table.
    You see the table only if the Full-Day View check box is not selected.

    In addition to scheduled coverage and calculated staffing, which always appear, you can select any or all of these Show additional data options to appear in the table:

If any of the cells in the Difference in Calculated Staffing or Difference in Required Staffing columns show as understaffed, WFM alerts the user by changing the color of the cell to red. Although red is the default color, you can change it, by using the settings in About > Settings (in the upper-right corner of the GUI).

To configure the Columns tab:

  • Select the check boxes for the optional columns that you want to display. Clear the check boxes for any columns that you want to hide. For Intra-Day and Agent-Extended views, you can add the following columns: Site Name, Shared Transport, Overtime, Paid Hours, Total Hours, Start Time, Accessibility, and Comments. In Intra-Day view, all columns are sortable, except for Comments. In Agent-Extended view, these columns are not sortable.
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