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Manage your Contact Center in Agent Setup

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This manual is for version Current of Agent Setup.

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Article Description
Article Description
Access Groups Learn how to configure access groups for users in your contact center.
Agent and contact center statistics Learn about the available agent and contact center statistics.
Capacity rules Define an agent’s ability to handle multiple interactions concurrently for different channels.
Bulk import Learn how to import multiple agents or contacts using Agent Setup's Bulk Import feature.
Business attributes Business attributes can be shared at agent, agent group, and global levels.
Add and manage Caller ID Create Caller Identification (Caller ID) options to be displayed when an agent makes an outbound call or transfer
Case and toast data Case Data specifies the information to be displayed to agents when a call, chat, or other interaction is transferred to them. Toast Data specifies the information to be displayed to agents when they directly receive a call, chat, or other interaction.
Channel options Learn how to enable channel options in the Agent Setup application.
Chat channel options Learn about the chat channel options available in Agent Setup.
Contacts Configure contacts in Agent Desktop so agents can manage their own list of contacts and contact history.
Agent groups Organize your agents into groups so they're easier to manage.
Create and manage custom agent states Custom agent states enable you to tailor agent states to fit your business needs.
Manage agents and other users Learn how to add, import, and manage agents and other users.
Create and manage agent skills Create, organize, and assign skills to agents.
Dispositions Manage Dispositions, which are descriptions of the final outcome of a call.
DNs Learn how to configure DNs for your contact center.
Email addresses and mailboxes Set up agent mailboxes and specify additional From email addresses for agent responses.
Email channel options Learn about the Email channel options available in Agent Setup.
Enable external URLs Integrate external and internal websites into your agent's main view in Agent Desktop.
Facebook channel options Learn about the Facebook channel options available in Agent Setup.
Enable feedback Enable feedback so agents can report problems with Agent Desktop or Gplus Adapter.
Genesys Softphone Control the behavior of Genesys Softphone in your environment.
Configure global login Global login options determine what happens when an agent logs in.
Settings and configuration overview This page explains the distinction between contact center settings, agent group settings, and user settings within Agent Setup.
Interaction history advanced search Configure search for interaction history so agents can find previous interactions in Agent Desktop.
Configure a multi-channel contact center Learn how to configure a multi-channel contact center and how to enable multiple channels for a single agent.
Scenario: Onboarding agents and supervisors This article walks you through the tasks required to set up new agents.
Outbound channel options Learn about Outbound options available in Agent Setup.
Platform administration Most of the functionality in the Platform Administration application has moved to Agent Setup, which offers a superior user interface and new functionality. A few functions remain available only in Platform Administration.
Recording options Learn how to enable recording options in Agent Setup.
Roles Learn how roles work in your contact center.
Routing While Designer handles most routing tasks, you manage your routing points and virtual queues in Agent Setup.
Gplus Adapter for Salesforce options Configure options for the Gplus Adapter for Salesforce.
Single Sign-On Single Sign-On (SSO) identity authentication enables your users to securely access multiple Genesys applications with a single credential.
Standard responses Enable standard responses for agents.
Statistics options Configure general statistics options in Agent Setup.
Supervisor options Learn about Supervisor options available in Agent Setup.
Templates Create templates to enable you to create and provision agents efficiently.
Transactions Manage business attribute overrides that are applied at a transactional level, such as a call or a chat.
Twitter channel options Learn about the Twitter channel options available in Agent Setup.
View audit trail The Audit Trail, located in the Audit section, details the actions taken in your Agent Setup application, including update, delete, import, login, and logout activities.
Voice channel options Learn about the Voice channel options available in Agent Setup.
Voicemail management Learn how to manage voicemail in your contact center.
Virtual Queues Virtual Queues are virtual collections of agents who share a skill set.
Global favorites Create and maintain a list of Global Favorites agents can access quickly in the Team Communicator in Agent Desktop.
Workitem channel options Configure the Agent Desktop Workitem channel options.

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