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This topic is part of the manual Manage your Contact Center in Agent Setup for version Current of Agent Setup.

Global login options determine what happens when an agent logs in.

In the Global Login section under Desktop Options on the Contact Center Settings page, configure the following options:

  • Prompt Place requires the agent to specify a place when they log in.
  • Store Recent Place specifies whether the most recently used Place is stored. This option is applicable when Prompt Place option is set to true.
  • Voicemail enables the Voicemail menu.
  • Mandatory Disposition specifies whether it is mandatory for the agent to select a disposition before marking an interaction as done.
  • Agent States Global Status defines the available agent states in the global Status menu.
  • Agent States by Channel defines the available agent state actions in the My Channels contextual menu.
  • Allow Pending State in My Channel allows an agent to have a pending state in the My Channel tab.
  • Team Communicator Search Filter specifies the list of filters that an agent can use to search for contacts and internal targets in the Team Communicator. When you select this option, all filters are enabled by default. To customize the filters, click the drop-down list box and deselect the filters that you don't want to include.
  • Team Communicator Exclude from Groups makes agents from excluded groups not visible in Team Communicator, Favorites, and Statistics.
  • Team Communicator Exclude Groups specifies the list of agent groups to be excluded from searches and statistics. Virtual agent groups are not supported. This option is overridden by the Team Communicator Restrict to Groups option.
  • Team Communicator Include Groups specifies the list of agent groups that are returned for searches and statistics. Overrides the Team Communicator Exclude Groups option. Virtual agent groups are not supported.
  • Team Communicator Restrict to Groups makes agents only from restricted groups visible in Team Communicator, Favorites, and Statistics.
  • Team Communicator Max Favorites specifies the maximum size of the favorites list displayed in the Team Communicator.
  • Transaction Override Attached Data Key allows you to override desktop options in Agent Workspace by setting a key value to the name of a transaction list object. When you set the value of the identified key to the name of the transaction list object, desktop options in the transaction list object are used instead of the Agent Workspace application or agent group objects.
  • Inactivity Timeout (min) specifies the number of minutes of agent inactivity (no mouse or keyboard usage) that triggers application locking. If the agent has been inactive longer than the number of minutes this option, the agent session is ended.
  • Alert before timeout (sec) specifies the number of seconds that pass before the inactivity alert is sent to the agent.
  • Sidebar Region specifies the order of the Region to be displayed in the sidebar.
  • Use Performance Tracker allows the use of the Performance Tracker.
  • Use Dashboard allows the use of the Dashboard.
  • Auto-focus on inbound interactions enables inbound interactions to automatically be in focus when accepted.
  • Channel to be auto-focused specifies whether the inbound interaction of a particular media type is automatically in focus when accepted.
  • Invalidate Auth SSO session on Workspace logout specifies whether the Single sign-on (SSO) authentication session is invalidated when an agent logs out of the Workspace. By default, when an Agent exits Workspace Web Edition, the Workspace session and the Genesys Authentication SSO session is removed and the agent is redirected to the Genesys Authentication login screen. This is the default behavior when this option is selected. Clearing this option removes only the Workspace session and the keeps the Genesys Authentication SSO session alive. In this scenario, the agent is then redirected to a login-info.html webpage with the message "Your session has ended". If the Genesys Authentication session has not expired, and the agent uses Workspace from the same browser, no authentication is required.
  • Show Change Account Link specifies whether or not to display the Change Login Account link on the login error page and the second step login page. This option is not used if the Invalidate Auth SSO session on Workspace logout option is selected.
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