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Learn about the Job Record Dashboard.

The Job Record Dashboard Analytics-device.png contains data about a Job's status and its results.

Job records can contain data associated with one or more of the following fields:

Field Type Description
_id keyword Entry ID
_index keyword Index name
_type keyword Index type
@timestamp date The timestamp (default timezone from settings) indicating when the Elasticsearch index was submitted for the event. Please note that this is not the time when the actual event occurred.
address keyword The IP address of the component instance that executed a job.
attributes.BasePath keyword Base path
attributes.bDeleteRemoteFiles keyword Delete FTP file
attributes.bFailureNotification keyword Failure notification
attributes.bHeaderExists keyword Indicates whether the header is present in the input file
attributes.bSuccessNotification keyword Success notification
attributes.bTraceSFTP keyword Trace SFTP Flag
attributes.contactsFilePath keyword The relative path to Import File
attributes.ConvertedFileName keyword Converted File Name
attributes.CronString keyword Cron String
attributes.DayOfWeek keyword The day of the week to run jobs
attributes.EndTime keyword The End Time
attributes.FtpAddress keyword The FTP Address
attributes.FtpUserName keyword The FTP User Name
attributes.iAcceptedLines keyword Number of Accepted Lines
attributes.iContactLines keyword Number of Contacts
attributes.iListid keyword List IDs
attributes.Importfile keyword Import File
attributes.ImportfileFormat keyword Import File Format
attributes.Increment keyword Schedule Increment
attributes.IncrementUnit keyword Schedule Increment Units
attributes.Inputloaded keyword Input Loaded
attributes.inputMappingSpecFilePath keyword Relative path to Specification File
attributes.Inputprocessed keyword Input Processed
attributes.iProcessedLines keyword Number of Processed Lines
attributes.iRejectedLines keyword Rejected Lines
attributes.iTotalLines keyword Total Number of Lines
attributes.JobClass keyword Job Class
attributes.JobState keyword Job State
attributes.Label keyword Label Schema
attributes.ListIDs keyword List IDs
attributes.ListName keyword List Name
attributes.Lists keyword List Names
attributes.ListSize keyword List Size
attributes.listSource keyword List Source
attributes.listsSplitted keyword List Split
attributes.Mappingfile keyword Mapping File
attributes.Mappingloaded keyword Is Mapping Schema loaded
attributes.MappingSchema keyword Mapping Schema Applied
attributes.mappingSchemaId keyword Mapping Schema ID
attributes.MessageFileName keyword Message File Name
attributes.OnDemand keyword Is Job scheduled or on demand
attributes.OriginalFileName keyword Original File Name
attributes.outputFileName keyword Output File Naming Convention
attributes.PGPEncrypted keyword PGP Encryption
attributes.RejectFileName keyword Rejected File Name
attributes.Rejectfilename keyword Rejected File Name
attributes.resultDetails keyword Result Detail
attributes.RuleContexts keyword Rule Contexts
attributes.ScheduleType keyword The Schedule Type
attributes.SpecificationId keyword Specification File ID
attributes.specificationId keyword Specification File ID
attributes.StartTime keyword The Start Time
attributes.submitJobId keyword Submit Job ID
attributes.suppressionType keyword Type of Suppression
attributes.tablename keyword database table name
attributes.Timezone keyword The Timezone
attributes.UploadMode keyword Upload Mode
attributes.uploadMode keyword Upload Mode
attributes.UploadRuleName keyword Upload Rule Name
attributes.uploadRuleName keyword Name of the Upload Rule
attributes.uploadType keyword Upload Type
attributes.UseCustomTimezone keyword Using Custom Timezone
attributes.UseSpecificationFile keyword Using Specification File
ccid keyword Contact Center ID
component keyword Job execution component
created keyword The timestamp of when the job was created.
duration keyword The Duration in milliseconds (ms).
error text An error message.
errorCode integer Error code
finished keyword The timestamp of when the job was finished.
hostname keyword The hostname of the component instance that executed a job.
id keyword Index ID
listSize text Size of the Contact List
name keyword Job Name
options.ccid keyword Contact Center ID
options.consentChannels keyword Consent Channels
options.contactsFilePath keyword relative path to Import File
options.contentType keyword Content Type
options.createdDate keyword Created Date
options.customTimeInterval keyword Custom Time Interval
options.cxSettings keyword CX Settings
options.dashboard keyword Dashboard Name
options.dataSource keyword Data Source
options.eid keyword Environment ID
options.envId keyword Environment ID
options.envid keyword Environment ID
options.exportAllPartitions keyword Export All Partitions
options.folderName keyword customer Folder Name in CME
options.importfile keyword relative path to Import File
options.importFileSize keyword Import File Size
options.inputMappingSpecFilePath keyword relative path to Specification File
options.label keyword Label Name
options.listDescription keyword List Description
options.listid keyword List ID
options.listName keyword List Name
options.mappingfile keyword Mapping File Name
options.mappingSchema keyword Mapping Schema
options.mappingSchemaId keyword Mapping Schema ID keyword Job Name
options.panel keyword Panel Name
options.parentid keyword Parent Job ID
options.partition keyword Partition Name
options.pgpEncrypted keyword PGP Encryption
options.request_payload keyword Request Payload
options.requestId keyword Request ID
options.resolvedListPartition keyword List Partition
options.specificationId keyword Specification File ID
options.suppressionChannels keyword Suppression Channels
options.tablename keyword database table name
options.tenantInfo keyword Tenant Info
options.tenantName keyword Tenant Name
options.timeInterval keyword Time Interval
options.token keyword token
options.traceId keyword Request Trace ID
options.type keyword Job Type
options.uploadMode keyword Upload Mode
options.uploadRuleName keyword Upload Rule Name
options.uploadType keyword Upload Type
options.useCustomTimezone keyword is Custom TimeZone used
options.useSpecificationFile keyword is Specification File used
parentid keyword Parent Job ID
partition keyword Partition Name
result keyword Job result: ['NONE', 'SUCCESS', 'FAIL']
started keyword The timestamp of when the job was started.
state keyword State: ['STOP', 'RUNNING', 'COMPLETED']
trace keyword Trace Steps
type keyword Type
version keyword Job execution component version.
@endtime date The timestamp of when the job was finished.

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