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This topic is part of the manual Outbound (CX Contact) CX Contact Help for version Current of Outbound (CX Contact).

Learn about treatments in CX Contact.

A treatment defines what CX Contact should do with a call that does not reach the intended party.

On the Treatment tab for a dialing profile, campaign template, or campaign group, Treatments are broken down into the following sub-tabs:

  • Delivery Options - Define the circumstances in which the system should connect a call to an agent. (Applicable to the voice channel only.)
  • Retry Options - Define how the system should respond to any given delivery result or disposition code.
  • Device Escalation - If a single record contains more than one device, use this feature to identify which device(s) are contacted as well as the order in which they are contacted.
  • SCXML Treatments - Specify a URI to a stored SCXML treatment script. When you do this, the system applies all treatment configuration defined in the script and ignores all treatment configuration previously defined in CX Contact.