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This topic is part of the manual Outbound (CX Contact) CX Contact Help for version Current of Outbound (CX Contact).

Learn about the Call Result Record Dashboard.

The Call Result Record Dashboard Analytics-callresult.png contains data about call attempts.

Call Result Record records can contain data associated with one or more of the following fields:

Field Type Description
_id keyword The index ID.
_index keyword The index type.
_type keyword The entry ID.
@endtime date The timestamp (default timezone from settings) at which the outbound record for the given call is considered complete and is removed from OCS active processing (for example, on dial error, or when a finalization event is received from the agent desktop).
@timestamp date The timestamp (default timezone from settings) indicating when the Elasticsearch index was submitted for the event. Please note that this is not the time when the actual event occurred.
agentLoginId keyword The Login ID belonging to the agent who handled the call.
areaCode keyword The phone number's area code.
blockingRuleName keyword The name of the configuration object that stores the blocking rule. For example, the name of the suppression list (TA), Compliance Rule (Script).
blockingRuleSubType keyword The sub-type of the blocking rule. For example, Mandatory Suppression List, Optional Suppression List, Custom Rule, Attempt Rule, Location Rule, Contact Times, Contact Dates.
blockingRuleType keyword The type of the blocking rule. For example, Suppression List, Device Filter, Compliance Rule.
callerID keyword The Caller ID that is used to place the call.
callerIDSetName keyword The name of the Caller ID Set (if used), that stores Caller ID.
callResult string The call result.
callTime integer The Unix (Epoch) timestamp of when the call started.
calluuid keyword The call attempt GUID.
campaignGroupName keyword The Campaign group name.
campaignName keyword The Campaign name.
campaignTemplateName keyword The Campaign template name.
ccid keyword The Contact Center ID.
chain_id integer The Contact ID in the database table.
chain_n integer The number of the device in the contact/chain.
clientCountryCode keyword The client's country code.
clientId keyword The Client ID in the input file that was provided from the specification file.
contact_info keyword The device's phone number.
contact_info_type keyword The Common library enum (GctiContactType) based on the cd_device_index. For example, ['No Contact Type', 'Home Phone', 'Direct Business Phone', ...].
countryCode keyword The phone number's country code.
customerId keyword The client ID in the Input file that was provided from the specification file.
dialingMode keyword The dialing mode associated with the Campaign group used to place the call.
deviceIndex Short The device index.
deviceTimezone keyword The timezone for the detected device.
deliveryMode keyword The delivery mode of the Campaign group (“lifo” for LIFO-configured Campaign Groups, “standard” otherwise).
disposition keyword Indicates if the call was blocked by a pre-dial validation or dialed. If the call was blocked, the value is Blocked, otherwise it’s Unknown or Called.
dispositionCode keyword The Disposition code as provided for the call by the agent (via GSW_DISPOSITION_CODE attribute).
duration integer The processing duration (that is, endtime - timestamp).
durationACW integer The duration of the After Call Work phase associated with call processing (ms).
durationCall integer The call duration (ms). That is, (timeAbandoned - timeClientPickedUp), (timeAgentCallReleased - timeClientPickedUp), or (timeBadCallReleased - timeDialing).
durationCPD integer The duration of the Call Progress Detection phase associated with call processing (ms).
durationQueued integer The duration of Call Waiting in the queue (ms).
groupName Keyword The Agent of Place group name.
id Index ID The index ID.
isFinal boolean Indicates whether the results obtained are initial or final for the CRR index.
listName keyword The Calling list name.
mask.BLOCKED keyword Device Mask Blocked
mask.DEVICE_FROM_FREEFORMENTRY keyword Device from free form entry
mask.DEVICE_FROM_INBOUND keyword Device from Inbound
mask.DEVICE_FROM_LIST keyword Device from contact lists
mask.DNC keyword Device Mask DNC
mask.DUPLICATE_ON_CONTACT keyword Device Mask Duplicate Contatc
mask.DUPLICATE_ON_LIST keyword Device Mask Duplicate List
mask.EMAIL keyword Device Mask Email
mask.ENDS_00 keyword Device Mask ends in 00
mask.ENDS_000 keyword Device Mask ends in 000
mask.EXCLUSIVE_ONLY keyword
mask.EXTENSION keyword Device Mask contains an extension
mask.INTERNATIONAL keyword Device Mask International
mask.INVALID_AREA_CODE keyword Device Mask Invalid Area Code
mask.INVALID_DEVICE keyword Device Mask Invalid Device
mask.INVALID_EXCHANGE keyword Device Mask Invalid Exchange
mask.IP_PHONE keyword Device Mask IP Phone
mask.LANDLINE keyword Device Mask Landline
mask.MOBILE keyword Device Mask Mobile
mask.NO_DEVICE keyword Device Mask Non Geographic Number
mask.NON_GEOGRAPHIC keyword Device Mask Not Supported
mask.NOT_SUPPORTED keyword Device Mask  No Device
mask.NULL_TZ keyword Device Mask Null Timezone
mask.UNIQUE_ONLY keyword Device Mask  Unique Only
maskValue long The device mask value.
mediaType keyword The media type (SMS, email).
optimizationGoal integer The Optimization goal when the dialing mode is Predictive (for example, Busy Factor 80%).
optimizationMethod keyword The OCS optimization method when the dialing mode is Predictive (for example, Busy Factor).
partition.keyword keyword The name of the partition.
postalCode keyword The postal code.
recordStatus keyword The location of the record in the State machine (enum is GctiRecordType). The default is Ready.
recordType keyword The type of record (enum is GctiRecordType).
scheduledTime date The time at which the call was rescheduled.
sessionuuid keyword The Session GUID of the currently active/running campaign group.
timeAbandoned date The time at which a call is abandoned from the queue.
timeAgentCallReleased date The time at which a call is released on the agent's DN.
timeAgentEstablished date The time at which the call is established on the agent's DN.
timeAgentRinging date The time at which the ringing starts on the agent's DN.
timeAMDiverted date The time at which a call is diverted to an auto-answering device (for example, calls that are not connected to an agent within two seconds might be redirected to a pre-recorded message).
timeBadCallReleased date The approximate time at which the unsuccessful call was released.
timeClientPickedUp date The time at which the called party answers the phone.
timeClientRinging date The time at which the client number rang.
timeCPDFinished date The time at which the call progress detection is completed.
timeDialing date The dialing start time.
timeQueued date The time at which the call is placed in the queue.
timezoneName keyword The name of the JAVA time zone.
timezoneNameCME keyword The name of the time zone in the configuration.
timezoneOffset keyword The timezone offset.
userData object The user data fields associated with the call.
voiceTransferDestination keyword The name of the Voice Transfer Destination DN used by the Campaign group.

Genesys Standard Call Results

CX Contact uses the following Genesys standard integers and strings for call results:

   module.exports.GctiCallState = Object.freeze({
   0: 'Ok',
   1: 'Transferred',                     // reserved
   2: 'Conferenced',                     // reserved
   3: 'General Error',
   4: 'System Error',
   5: 'Remote Release',
   6: 'Busy',
   7: 'No Answer',
   8: 'SIT Detected',
   9: 'Answering Machine',
   10:'All Trunks Busy',
   11:'SIT Invalid Numb',
   12:'SIT Vacant',
   13:'SIT Oper Intercept',
   14:'SIT Unknown',
   15:'SIT No Circuit',
   16:'SIT Reorder',
   17:'Fax Detected',
   18:'Queue Full',                     // reserved
   19:'Cleared',                        // reserved
   22:'Redirected',                     // reserved
   23:'Forwarded',                      // reserved
   24:'Consult',                        // reserved
   25:'Pickedup',                       // reserved
   27:'Dropped No Answer',
   29:'Covered',                        // reserved
   30:'Converse-On',                    // reserved
   31:'Bridged',                        // reserved
   39:'Pager Detected',
   40:'Wrong Party',
   41:'Dial Error',
   42:'Call Drop Error',
   43:'Switch Error',
   44:'No Free Port Error',
   45:'Transfer Error',
   47:'Agent CallBack Error',
   48:'Group CallBack Error',
   49:'Deafened',                       // reserved
   50:'Held',                           // reserved
   51:'Do Not Call',
   52:'Cancel Record',
   53:'Wrong Number',

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