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Learn about the SMS/Email Conversations Dashboard.

The SMS/email Conversations Dashboard contains data about SMS/email conversation events. As long as the conversations continue, new records are added to the dashboard, and all the messages from the conversations are displayed.

Although mentioned throughout this article, email conversations are currently reserved for future use.

SMS/email conversations can contain data associated with one or more of the following fields:

Field Type Description
_index keyword The index name.
_type keyword The index type.
_id keyword The entry ID.
@timestamp date The timestamp (default timezone from settings) indicating when the Elasticsearch index was submitted for the event. Please note that this is not the time when the actual event occurred.
batchID keyword The Batch ID in the message that was received from OCS.
calluuid keyword The call attempt GUID.
campaignGroupName keyword The Campaign group name.
campaignName keyword The Campaign name.
campaignTemplateName keyword The Campaign template name.
ccid keyword The Contact Center ID.
contact_info keyword The device's phone number or email address.
clientId keyword The Client ID in the Input file.
content text The content of an SMS/email message after personalization was applied.
direction keyword The direction of the SMS/email communication. (Inbound / Outbound)
errorCode integer The error code.
errorMessage keyword The error message.
disposition keyword Dispositon Code
from keyword The sender's phone number or email address.
groupName keyword The Group name.
id keyword The index ID.
isTest boolean Indicates if a message has been sent as a result of the Send Test SMS or Send Test Email actions.
keyword keyword The sender's phone number or email address.
listName keyword The calling list name.
mediaType keyword The media type (SMS/email).
messageID keyword The unique Message ID. For example, ccid.calluuid.
providerUpdate keyword Provider Update
timestamp date The timestamp of the last time the index was updated.
optin keyword Indicates if the user sent START (for SMS) or has subscribed (for email).
optout boolean Indicates if the user sent STOP (for SMS) or unsubscribed (for email).
partition keyword The name of the partition/division responsible for the SMS/email communication.
sessionuuid keyword The session GUID for the currently active/running Campaign group.
status keyword The message status. For example, ['receivedFromOCS', 'queuedInternally', 'submittedToNexus', 'respondedFromNexus', 'notifiedOCS'].
subject subject The subject of the message.
triggerEventID keyword The ID of the trigger event.
triggerRuleName keyword The name of the trigger rule that sent the message.

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