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Learn more about the Outbound Schedules Dashboard.

The Outbound Schedules Dashboard Scheduledashboard.png contains data about a Schedule's status and its results.

Schedule records can contain data associated with one or more of the following fields. For details refer to Schedules:

Field Type Description
@timestamp date The timestamp (default timezone from settings) indicating when the Elasticsearch index was submitted for the event. Please note that this is not the time when the actual event occurred.
_id keyword The entry ID.
_index keyword The index name.
_type keyword The index type.
campaignGroupDBID keyword The Campaign group DBID.
campaignGroupName keyword The Campaign group name.
campaignName keyword The Campaign name.
campaignTemplateName keyword The campaign template name.
command keyword The command that should be executed for the specific Campaign group when the selected action is CommandExecuted (for example, Load, Start, Stop, Unload, or Set dial mode).
commandID keyword The internal identifier for the command.
commandType keyword The type of execution line the command belongs to (that is, Sequential/Instant).
dialingMode keyword The dialing mode.
errorMessage keyword Contains a relevant error message (as displayed in the UI or as returned in the API response) when the request execution is not successful.
groupName keyword The group name.
id keyword The index ID.
id.keyword keyword The index ID.
optimizationParameter keyword The Optimization goal when the dialing mode is Predictive (for example, Busy Factor 80%).
optimizationType keyword The OCS optimization method when the dialing mode is Predictive (for example, Busy Factor).
partition keyword The partition name.
recurrenceType keyword Indicates how often the schedule reoccurs (for example, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Once).
scheduleAction keyword The action that should be executed for the specific schedule (for example, Triggered, Activated, Deactivated, or CommandExecuted).
scheduleName keyword The schedule name.
successful boolean Indicates true or false. True if the action is completed successfully and false if the action is not completed successfully.
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