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This topic is part of the manual Agent Workspace Agent's Guide for version Current of Agent Workspace.

Use this page to browse the Workspace Web Edition 9.0 Agent Workspace videos. Videos are alphabetical by title. Links to one of the articles that features the video are included. For a curated list of videos by topic, refer to Videos: Using Workspace.

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Selected Videos

Advanced Contact history search
Advanced My History search
Advanced interaction history search
Agent Assist overview
An overview of how to use Workspace
Automatic record retrieval (Predictive and Progressive)
Basic Contact history search
Basic Interaction history search
Basic My History search
Basics of handling a chat interaction
From: Chat
Basics of handling a voice call
Basics of using the Standard Responses tab
Contact History Tab
Continuing the conversation
From: Chat
Facebook Messenger
Finding a Contact in the Contact Directory
Finding interactions in workbins and interaction queues
From: Workbins
How do I handle a workitem?
From: Workitems
How do I handle an inbound email?
From: Email
How do I review an outbound email?
How do I use Standard Response Shortcuts?
How does email quality assurance work?
From: Email
How to change your ready/not ready status
How to conference a call to a Microsoft Teams member
How to consult a call to a Microsoft Teams member
How to find a contact in Team Communicator
How to handle a system disconnection
How to make a conference call
How to make a consultation call
How to make a new call
How to send a new email interaction
How to switch to Floating mode
How to switch to Pinned mode
How to transfer a call
How to transfer a call to a Microsoft Teams member
How to transfer a call to an agent group
How to use My Team Workbins
How to use interim send
From: Email
How to use the chat interaction Communication tab
From: Chat
Inbound email attachments
From: Email
Interaction Toolbar Handle Multiple Interactions
Main view
Manual record retrieval (Preview)
Manual versus automatic contact assignment
Outbound Campaign Overview
Overview of the Contact Directory
Overview: Scheduling a Callback
Pushing weblinks (URLs) to your contacts
From: Chat
Semi-automatic record retrieval (Direct Push-Preview)
Semi-automatic record retrieval (Push-preview)
Team Communicator
The email editor
From: Email
Tips and tricks for using the chat text input field.
From: Messaging
Twitter Direct Message
What if I try to add a contact that already exists in the database?
What if I try to create a contact that already exists in the database?

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