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This manual is for version Current of Agent Workspace.

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Article Description
Agent Assist tab On voice calls, agents can receive suggestions from a knowledge base in a special tab in the interaction view. A transcript of the call is also generated using speech-to-text.
Agent Workspace (v9) Agent Workspace lets contact center agents communicate with customers and team members through phone calls and Genesys Digital channels.
Channels and the Channels tab Channels are the different methods that you use to communicate with customers and team members in your contact center. Channels include the voice channel and Digital channels such as chat and email. Use the Channels tab to set your status on your assigned channels.
Chat Chat is a Genesys Digital channel. The chat channel lets you handle customer chats. To chat with your team members start a chat consultation.
Co-browse sessions A Genesys Co-browse session lets you and a contact navigate the same web page at the same time. Unlike conventional screen-sharing applications where one party sees an image of the other party's browser, in a Genesys Co-browse session both you and the contact share the same instance of the web page.
Contacts and interactions A contact is a person that your company does business with. Your company has information about that person that you can manage and use to do your job. An interaction is a communication with the contact over one or more channels, such as Voice or Digital, such as Chat or Email, and the tools that help you address the contact's needs and the needs of your company. Agent Workspace provides tools that you can use to manage previous interactions with a contact (the contact's interaction history, your History, and your company's interaction database).
Email Email is a Genesys Digital channel. The email interaction window enables you to view all of the information necessary to handle inbound and outbound email interactions with a contact.
Facebook Chat The Agent Workspace Chat channel enables you to exchange Facebook Messenger and Facebook Public messages with your contacts using the asynchronous chat features including the Conversation tab and the Communication tab. Your account must be enabled for Facebook to handle chat interactions from Facebook.
Genesys Predictive Engagement Chat Interaction Genesys Predictive Engagement displays a graphic representation of a contact's website journey, providing information and insight for sales and service agents.
Getting started Logging in and getting ready to take call and handle Genesys Digital channels.
Interaction history views Workspace lets you search for and look at the interactions that you and your coworkers have worked on in the past. You can view information about the interactions, including notes and case data. You can also open and process (forward or mark Done) some interactions.
Internal interactions Internal interactions are communications between you and other people inside your company, such as call and chat consultations, call, chat, and email transfers, and also messages to you from your system or administrators. Internal interactions also include call and chat conferences that involve you, another internal party, and a contact.
Knowledge tab How to access your corporate knowledge base to provide the best possible answer when interacting with a contact.
Messaging Messaging includes the Genesys Chat, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Twitter Direct Message Digital channels. Messaging enables you to manage message-based conversations across one or more of these channels in a unified conversation.
Navigating Agent Workspace Having trouble finding your way around Agent Workspace? If you need help identifying a button or field, hold your mouse pointer over it to reveal a tooltip. Do you use a screen reader? Do you navigate Agent Workspace using a keyboard? You can find out all about it here!
Outbound campaigns As an agent, you might work on campaigns (for example, collections, telemarketing, or fundraising) where you make outbound calls to contacts. You can view and manage your campaigns from the My Campaigns tab.
Related interactions The Related tab contains a list of all the email interactions that are part of a single conversation related to the current interaction. Select an interaction to display its contents.
Schedule Callback You can schedule a callback interaction for your contact from the current interaction of any interaction type.
SMS Chat The Agent Workspace Chat channel enables you to exchange chat messages with a contact. This is called a chat interaction. Chat interactions include Web Chat, SMS and MMS messages, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter Direct Messages.
Standard responses While you are handling an interaction, you can use the Responses tab in the interaction view to access a database of pre-written standard responses for your interactions. You can insert a response as a reply into any outbound interaction, such as an email or a chat message, or you can read them to the contact during a phone interaction.
Team Communicator The Team Communicator is a feature that lets you find someone in your company's directory (an internal target) or someone from outside your company (like a contact) who has their information stored in the contact directory.
The Contact Directory and contact management Contacts can be team members or customers. Information about contacts is stored in the Contact Directory. From the Contact Directory, you can call a contact, manage a contact's profile information (such as their name, phone number, email address), and review a contact's past interactions.
Twitter Chat The Agent Workspace Chat channel enables you to exchange Twitter Direct Messages and Twitter Public messages with your contacts using the asynchronous chat features including the Conversation tab and the Communication tab. Your account must be enabled for Twitter to handle chat interactions from Twitter.
Videos: Using Workspace This collection of videos from the Genesys Vimeo channel demonstrates some of the most commonly used features of Agent Workspace.
Voice Calls The controls and features that let you handle voice interactions with contacts or team members.
WhatsApp Chat The Agent Workspace Chat channel enables you to exchange chat messages (interactions) with a contact. Chat interactions include Web Chat, WhatsApp messages, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messages, and SMS messages.
Workbins A workbin is like a personal queue or storage area where you can store email and workitem interactions to be handled later. You can access all of your workbins from the My Workbins tab in the Connect area. Supervisors might also see team workbins and Interaction Queues in this tab.
Workitems Workitems, called Open Media by Genesys Digital channels, are documents that might be directed to you for handling. They include many media types, such as faxes or PDFs, that you might have to access while you are handling interactions of another type, such as email. The Workitem interaction window enables you to access all of the information necessary to handle a workitem.

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