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This topic is part of the manual Agent Desktop Agent's Guide for version Current of Agent Desktop.

A contact is a person that your company does business with. Your company has information about that person that you can manage and use to do your job. An interaction is a communication with the contact over one or more channels, such as Voice or Digital, such as Chat or Email, and the tools that help you address the contact's needs and the needs of your company. Workspace Agent Desktop provides tools that you can use to manage previous interactions with a contact (the contact's interaction history, your History, and your company's interaction database).

Due to continual changes to Agent Desktop, screen shots in this manual might show interface elements that are not yet available for this product or might not accurately reflect what you see in the product when you use it.

How do I search through previous interactions with customers?

You can view customer interactions in the Contact Directory and in the History tab of an active interaction.

You can view customer interactions in three ways:

  • My History lets you browse your interactions.
  • The Contact Directory lets you browse all interactions with a customer or team member.
  • Interaction Search lets you browse the complete interaction database using either a Quick Search or an Advanced Search.

Contact management videos

The following videos introduce you to some of the basics of contact and interaction management, but be sure to click the links on this page to read about contact and interaction management in detail.

Managing Contacts

Overview of the Contact Directory

Finding Interactions

Agent Desktop provides three different tabs in the Connect group that you can use to find interactions in the Interaction Database:

  • My History: Search for interactions that you have worked on.
  • Interaction Search: Search for interactions that anyone has worked on.
  • Contact History: Search for interactions of a particular contact.

My History

Basic My History search

Advanced My History search

Interaction Search

Basic Interaction history search

Advanced interaction history search

Contact History

Basic Contact history search

Advanced Contact history search

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