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This topic is part of the manual Agent Workspace Agent's Guide for version Current of Agent Workspace.


This collection of videos from the Genesys Vimeo channel demonstrates some of the most commonly used features of Agent Workspace.

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Some Agent Workspace features are available only for Genesys Multicloud CX users.

Intro to Agent Workspace

Introduction to Agent Workspace 9

An overview of how to use Workspace

Managing Your Status

How to change your ready/not ready status

Dealing with Disconnections

How to handle a system disconnection

Interaction Toolbar

Interaction Toolbar

How to switch to Pinned mode

How to switch to Floating mode

Handling a Call

Basics of handling a voice call

How to transfer a call

How to transfer a call to an agent group

How to make a conference call

How to make a consultation call

How to find a contact in Team Communicator

How to make a new call

How to schedule a Callback for any interaction type

How to use the Agent Assist tab

Using Microsoft Teams to handle internal and external calls

Handling Email

Basics of handling an email interaction

Handling inbound email attachments

How to use interim send

How to forward an email in-line

How email QA works

How to QA review an outgoing email

How to send a new email interaction

Handling Chat

Basics of handling a chat interaction

How to send weblinks in a chat interaction

How to handle an ongoing (asynchronous) chat interaction

How to use the chat interaction Communication tab

Asychronous Chat using the Facebook Messenger channel

Asychronous Chat using the Twitter Direct Message channel

Handling Workitems (Open Media)

Basics of handling a workitem (Open Media)

Using Standard Responses

Basics of using the Standard Responses tab

Using standard response shortcuts

Managing Contacts

Overview of the Contact Directory

Finding a Contact in the Contact Directory

Manual versus automatic contact assignment

Duplicate contacts

Finding Interactions

How to find interactions in the Interaction Database:

My History

Basic My History search

Advanced My History search

Interaction Search

Basic Interaction history search

Advanced interaction history search

Contact History

Contact History tab

Basic Contact history search

Advanced Contact history search


Overview of workbins

Finding interactions in workbins and interaction queues

How to use My Team Workbins

Outbound Calling Campaigns

Outbound Campaign Overview

Automatic record retrieval (Predictive and Progressive)

Manual record retrieval (Preview)

Semi-automatic record retrieval (Push-preview)

Semi-automatic record retrieval (Direct Push-Preview)

What next?

Top 5 topics

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