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This topic is part of the manual Genesys CX Insights Multicloud Projects Reference Guide for version Current of Reporting.

More Resources

Use this document for Genesys CX Insights Multicloud deployments. For information relevant to Genesys CX Insights on-premises deployments, see the corresponding page in the GCXI Project Reference Guide for on-premises deployments.

The following resources provide additional information that is relevant to this software.

Genesys CX Insights

Documentation for Genesys Customer Experience Insights (CX Insights) in Genesys Multicloud is available on the How reporting works site:


Documentation for MicroStrategy software is available on the MicroStrategy Learning Center or Help page, or in an electronic format that you can download to your mobile device (QR codes).

Easy search for MicroStrategy topics

On the Community Search Page, filter your search results by selecting the Document Version (such as 2020).

Popular topics from MicroStrategy

Analyzing data in a MicroStrategy report or dashboard

Creating dashboards and reports

Installing or upgrading MicroStrategy

Modelling your data and designing a project

Configuring and Administering MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy Quick Start


Kubernetes Installation



Genesys Info Mart

Documentation for Genesys Info Mart is available on How reporting works:

Reporting and Analytics Aggregates

Documentation for Reporting and Analytics Aggregates (Reporting And Analytics Aggregates) is available on How reporting works:


Release Notes for each Genesys product are available on Genesys Multicloud CX Release Notes.

  • Software requirements, which provides information about hardware and software requirements for Genesys Multicloud CX Private Edition.

Other Genesys product documentation is available on the:

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