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This topic is part of the manual Genesys CX Insights Multicloud Projects Reference Guide for version Current of Reporting.

Objects that you can use to organize and filter data customer usage data related to billing.

Many folders contain Custom sub folders, which are not described in this document; custom folders are provided to store any custom objects.

Objects in each folder or subfolder are designed to be used together to create reports. Avoid mixing attributes and metrics from multiple folders into your reports. One exception to this rule is objects in the Time folder; Time attributes can be used in any report, and most reports include at least one attribute from the Time folder.

Billing Data folder

Use this document for Genesys CX Insights Multicloud deployments. For information relevant to Genesys CX Insights on-premises deployments, see the corresponding page in the Genesys CX Insights on-premises Projects Reference Guide.

This folder contains the following root folder and subfolders.

Folder: Billing Data


Description: The root Billing Data folder. Objects in this folder enable the organization and measurement of customer usage data related to billing.

Reports built primarily from the objects in the Billing Data folder and subfolders

For more information about Billing Data reports, see Billing Data reports.

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