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Use the Interaction Lists options to create collections of one or more interactions for targeted analysis about a specific business issue.

An Interaction list enables you to create a collection of one or more interactions about a specific issue.

The list is made up of interactions that you manually select from the Search Results grid and add to the list.

You can add an interaction to an existing Interaction list or you can create a new Interaction list.

An Interaction list can be created from:

Create an Interaction list from the Search Results grid

  1. Select Explore > Search.
  2. Run a search for the interaction(s) you want to add to the interaction list. See: Create a new search.
  3. Select the interactions you want to add to the new Interaction list.
  4. In the title of the check box column click the Batch Actions icon Batch actions.png and select Add To.
  5. Select Interaction List.
  6. Click New Interaction List to create a new list with the selected interactions.
  7. Click OK. The selected interactions are added to the selected interaction list.

Create an Interaction list from the Interaction Lists tab

  1. Select Explore > Interaction Lists. The Interaction Lists tab is opened with the following options:
    • Drop down list: Find and select the user(s) whose interaction lists you want to see.
    • Text field: Type a letter or sequence of letters that appears in the name of the interaction list you want to find.
    • Delete Smicon delete.png: Select one or more lists from the interaction list and click Delete to remove them from the system.
    • Rename an Interaction list Smicon edit.png: Select the interaction list whose name you want to change. Click the Rename icon and give the list a new name.
    • Table: See column descriptions below:
      • Checkbox Sm checkbutton.pngSelect the check boxes to delete or rename.
      • Run: Click the Run icon Smicon arrow.png to run the interaction list and display the results in the Search Results grid. If the specific search was a search for screen recordings, the Search Results grid will show a list of interactions with screen recordings.
      • Delete: Click the Delete icon Smicon delete.png to delete the specific interaction.
      • Name: The name of the interaction. 
      • Creator: The name of the user who created the interaction.
      • Sharing: The names of the user groups and users with whom the search is shared. Click the Sharing icon SM sharing.png to share the interaction with others.
      • Created on: The date on which the search was created.
      • Permalink: Click Copy to create a Permalink to the specific interaction. You can copy this link to your clipboard and then paste it elsewhere as necessary.
        See Permalink for additional information. 
  2. Click the Create a new Interaction list icon Addfilter.png
  3. Enter a name for the new list.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Add interactions to the new list.
    1. Select Explore > Search.
    2. Select interactions from the Search Results grid.
    3. Click the Batch Actions icon Batch actions.png and select Add To.
    4. Select Interaction List.
    5. Select the list you created at the beginning of this procedure.
    6. Click Add.
  6. Verify the interactions were added to the new Interaction list.
    1. Select Explore > Interaction Lists.
    2. Click the run icon Run list.png to run the new list.
    3. Review the Search Results grid and verify that the interactions you selected were added to the list.
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