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Use the New Dashboard option to create a dashboard that displays summary information about a specific set of interactions. With this information you can quickly and easily obtain an overall and complete impression of the business issue you are investigating.

Create a new personal dashboard

You can add as many new dashboards as you like and each dashboard can contain a different set of widgets.

For example, if you manage two work groups, you can create two dashboards (one for each group), to help keep track of each group separately.

  1. Select Dashboard > New Dashboard. The Dashboard is opened with all of its existing dashboards.
  2. Click the Add New Dashboard icon Smicon add.png. A new empty dashboard opens. The new dashboard appears as a Dashboard tab and the default name is New Dashboard.
  3. Click Add Widgets. The list of available widgets appears at the top of the dashboard.
  4. Click the link(s) associated with the widget you want to add to the dashboard. The widget automatically appears in the dashboard.
  5. Click Hide Widgets to remove the widget links at the top of the dashboard.
  6. Click Change Settings.
  7. In the Title field enter the name of the new dashboard and click Save.
  8. Under Change Columns select the layout for the dashboard widgets. The widgets in the dashboard are arranged to fit the column layout you select. The width of each widget is determined by the width of the column in which it appears. You can change the width of a column by manually dragging the border line that appears between the widgets. You can also change the column layout by simply dragging the widget to a different location in the dashboard.
  9. Click Hide Settings to remove the Change Settings options from the dashboard. The new dashboard is created and you can edit it at any time.
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