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Exporting Trending data enables you to compare data across different Trending Filter results. The Trending data is exported to a .csv file.

Before you export Trending data, consider the following

  • Only data from the last Trending Filter that was run will be exported to a .csv file.
  • To view data specific to a Custom Trending Cluster Task, you must have the necessary Trending permissions. If you do not have the correct permissions, N/A will appear.
  • The exported Trending data will include hidden terms and phrases, but it will not contain terms and phrases in the Blacklist.

Export Trending Data

  1. Select Explore > Trending / Saved Trending Filters.
  2. Click Run.
  3. Click Save > Export. A message appears reminding you that only the data from the results of the last time you clicked Run will be exported to the .csv file.
  4. Click Export. The .csv file is created.
  5. Save the .csv file in a location of your choice.
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