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Topics, Categories, and Programs are SMART features that are used when creating a set of instructions designed to help gather and deliver valuable intelligence that business users readily understand and use.

SMART, the SpeechMiner UI Administration Tool, is a component of SpeechMiner UI, Genesys's award-winning product for Customer Intelligence and it is used to help reveal the information about cause/effect relationships that affect performance and business outcomes.

SMART defines the set of instructions that is used by SpeechMiner UI to perform recognition and analysis of customer data.

The set of instructions managed by SMART are made up of:

  • Topics: Boosts the recognition of a specific business issue by telling SpeechMiner UI what phrases to look for.
  • Categories: Group interactions with similar characteristics so that SpeechMiner UI users can find calls associated with a specific business issue.
  • Programs: A set of instructions that tell SpeechMiner UI what to recognize in recorded conversations between contact center agents and customers, in relation to a specific business issue.

Before creating a topic or category, gather information about the business issue you want to investigate and track interactions that are generated by the specific issue:

  1. What is your business goal?
  2. Determine the type of interactions generated by the business issue by listening to existing interactions about the subject or similar subjects, reading e-mails that relate to them, and consulting agents who interact with customers. For example, for a customer service topic, the set of relevant interactions may only include incoming interactions about help and assistance.
  3. Gather examples of employee scripts and typical phrases used in these interactions.

For optimal performance, Genesys researches the customer's business and subsequently defines the initial SMART instructions.

Typically, SpeechMiner UI implementations at customer sites include development and underlying SMART system by our Client Solutions team, but Advanced SpeechMiner UI users with SpeechMiner UI Administrator privileges can modify the SMART system themselves to further fine-tune interaction recognition and analysis for their company. The customer may want to make slight modifications to topics based on the accuracy of the results they are achieving, or the customer may want to define new programs for new interaction campaigns or procedures based on existing ones.

Advanced SpeechMiner UI users at the customers site can perform the following SMART tasks:

  • Open and modify existing categories and topics.
  • Create new categories and/or topics.
  • Test changes to categories and/or topics.
  • Apply SMART changes to SpeechMiner UI.
  • Reprocess selected interactions through the SpeechMiner UI interface.
  • Rollback to an earlier set of SMART instructions.
  • Import SMART instructions.
  • Export SMART instructions.

For additional information about SMART, refer to the SMART User Manual.

SMART is not available in our Cloud offering. If you want to configure SMART, contact Customer Care.

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