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Use this page to get answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about Quality Management (QM).

Quality Management - FAQ Articles

Can the name of a Quality Management form be changed once the form is active?

A form cannot be changed once it is activated and added to an evaluation. If the form is active but it was not added to an evaluation, you can deactivate the form, change it and activate it again.

Can inactive Quality Management forms be archived?

Inactive forms cannot be archived

Can a group of questions have a 0 weight value?

A group can have a 0 weight value as long as there are additional question groups that are assigned a weight. The rule is that the sum of all the group weights must be 100.

What is the best option when you want to create a form with Introduction questions that do not have a weight value?

It is best to use Free Form questions as Introduction questions since they are not assigned a weight value.

What does the Expire status mean in the Evaluation Manager?

An Expire status means that the due date for the specific session has passed. An expired evaluation session appears in the evaluator's Session grid, but it can not be filled by the evaluator. Expired sessions will appear in reports that display all sessions (for example, Evaluation Summary).

What is the Derivation (that is, Variance) value in the Calibration Score report?

Derivation is the difference between a specific score and the average score.

Does the Evaluator report provide a value for derivation over time?


What is the purpose of the Average Quality Score in the Calibration Score report?

When you create a Calibration evaluation for a specific interaction, you can determine what the correct score and/or answers should be. You can then compare the evaluators response (score and answer) to what you determined was the correct score and answer.

For additional information, see Quality Management.

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