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Combine Genesys Omnichannel customer experience with Dynamic Case Management to support human-centric automation, continuous innovation and transformation.

What's the challenge?

Contact center, back office and enterprise employees struggle to handle non-linear and human centric processes efficiently.Customer promises are broken as work falls through the cracks. Employee morale suffers with unfair workloads. Customer experience is suffering because back-office and front-office operations are not well integrated.

What's the solution?

Genesys Dynamic Case Management (DCM) provides a no-code/low-code integration with DCM solutions to automate the distribution of structured and dynamic work. Drive process improvement, improved visibility, and faster case resolution with back-office automation and a single user interface for case management.

Story and Business Context

This functional Use-Case has been created to enable Genesys customers to leverage the back-office automation capabilities to help Supervisors and Employees to better manage cases, through enhanced ways cases are handled in the organization.

By using our dynamic case management solution, Company can improve processes for the resolution of cases by:

- Increasing the level of Automation

- Providing a Single Interface for the resolution

- Breaking the inflexibility of current processes

- Getting a 360◦ view on the Process Handling and associated SLAs

- Increasing Advisors Satisfaction and Autonomy

- Increasing Supervisor Visibility and Control

- Give agents visibility into other Tasks or People associated with their immediate work

In addition to this, the benefits can be combined with the Workload Management Use-Cases (see BO02; BO03; BO04; BO05/SL05 Use-Cases documentation to get more info).

Different Genesys partners can deliver the DCM component of this Use-Case. While we can integrate with many DCM partners this use case focuses on Eccentex DCM and Appbase offering.

As such, to illustrate this Use Case and make it more tangible, we have provided technical information coming from the Eccentex Platform (in a future release of these Use Case we will introduce technical detail coming from other vendors). If you are interested in another Case Management Solution Providers, Genesys account team will help you to get in contact with our Genesys solution leads.

The Genesys Dynamics Case Management solution can be provided in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid model.

DCM brings the omni-process concept, allowing to integrate data and tools into a single user interface. This allows agents and advisors to work on a single application, instead of having to switch from one application to another, to resolve Cases. In the background, DCM orchestrated the flow of information, ensuring that the required information is provided to the agents/advisors at the right time and replicate the new input in the relevant back-end Systems.

This Use-Case is applicable for Genesys Engage on-premises.

Use Case Benefits

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Employee Occupancy Unified desktop and user experience optimized for dynamic case resolution
Improved Employee Satisfaction Only relevant information shown specific to the case and the current process, task and case
Improved Insights and Visibility Improved customer visibility of the case and improved employee insights in case handling and management
Improved Net Promoter Score Consistent customer experience for non linear case management scenarios and channel agnostic
Increased Response Rates Enforced service level management based on contextual information and business rules to drive response rates
Reduced Handle Time Contextually relevant dynamic screen design and unified desktop experience


Use Case Definition

Business Flow

Case Capture

This Use-Case will support two types of Case capture.

1)Web Form Capture

The first one is through the use of a Web form that could be integrated into your Web site, portal and or intranet environment.

In the scope of this Use-Case Genesys will provide a web form, that allows customer/internal employees to create new cases and provide the required information for case creation.

NB: The integration in the selected Web site, portal and or intranet portal; the adaption to the company layout and security requirements of this web page is out of the scope for this Use-Case.

2)Employee capture

The second provided way to capture cases is through a frontline employee.

In this case, the customer will get in touch with the frontline employee through a communication channel (example: voice; email; chat; social; SMS, Apple Business Chat, etc…). Note that the provisioning of thecommunication channel(s) are out of the scope of this Use-Case and could be delivered by Genesys through several other Use-Cases.

Flow Diagram:

Business Flow Description

  1. A customer/employee is browsing the company website portal or intranet
  2. On the site, a form is shown to be completed. By completion, a new instance of that specific case type is started
  3. An automated email is sent to the customer, based on the provided email address in the form for confirmation that the case is now created
  4. After the case starts, a new task is created and send to a workgroup or Advisor, based on ACD properties like Skill, Priority etc
  5. Advisor picks up the work, wherein their Client application the Task form is shown, for the Advisor to provide all information needed to complete that task
  6. If Advisor cannot resolve the task, it can be Escalated, meaning send the task/case to another (2nd Level / Expert) group to work on
  7. If Advisor can complete the task, the case will be closed with an automated email with results sent to the Customer
  8. If Expert can complete the task, the case will be closed with an automated email with results sent to the Customer, or the Expert can choose the option to send it back to the original Advisor for closure (verification)

Business Flow

In Eccentex DCM, the case workflow (procedure) looks like:

Image2018-6-20 16 13 26.png

On each task (Dark Blue) a SLA can be set to meet your business’ SLA’s. (Depicted by the green clock icon). Based on the Employees wrap-up (completion code) on the first task (Resolved, rejected to Escalate) the next step is taken. This could be automated closure with sending the customer a confirmation email/SMS/Notification with the outcome, or a new task send to an Escalation group.

The initial task looks like:

Image2018-6-20 16 13 51.png

The “Escalation” tasks looks like:

Image2018-6-20 16 14 14.png

These tasks can be embedded in the Advisor or Expert contact centre application (like WDE, WWE, Interaction Desktop or Interaction Connect (web)).

Business Flow Description

For more details

For additional details, contact your Genesys Sales Representative by filing out the form or for immediate assistance call us: 1-888-Genesys.