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This use case also supports PureConnect as the Speech and Text Analytics product is supported to run on both platforms.
Mine call recordings for insights to improve agent and customer experiences

What's the challenge?

Most customer requests and issues follow consistent patterns, but you still need people to make sense of their language to respond. Teams can still miss emerging changes in customer requests until they become bigger issues. Finally, how can you identify better issue handling to adopt for training?

What's the solution?

AI transcription of voice, combined with text interactions in all channels, identifies keywords and phrases along with customer context to improve responses. Detect changes in the occurrence of words and phrases over time and across interactions to unlock valuable insights into call outcomes.

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Use Case Overview

Story and Business Context

Organizations invest huge amounts of time and effort in developing and testing sales campaigns, agent sales scripts to support them, and training of agents to be effective. When it comes to understanding what makes campaigns or agents effective in sales, however, they have very limited information available.

Using Interaction Analytics enables deep insight into what does and does not work across all aspects of the campaign, including which messages are effective, which features or benefits customers best respond to, and the skills and behavior that agents need to be effective.

Rather than relying on limited sampling, anecdote, or hearsay from agents or customers, Interaction Analytics provides objective, quantifiable feedback and points directly to what is needed to drive more successful sales outcomes. It works with inbound and outbound campaigns across new sales, cross-sell/up-sell and retention scenarios, and enables the benefits of the approach to be accurately and objectively proven.

Use Case Benefits*

The following benefits are based on benchmark information captured from Genesys customers and may vary based on industry, lines of business or Genesys product line:

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Increased Response Rates Conduct effective and measurable A/B testing of campaigns, providing confidence to iterate more quickly and improve response rates and Objectively correlate campaign or script content with sales outcomes and use to improve response rates.
Increased Revenue Differentiate between campaign or sales script resonance and agent performance as a basis for improved revenue.
*You can sort all use cases according to their stated benefits here: Sort by benefits


Recordings of campaign calls are analyzed to identify effective messages, techniques, and language used by agents, correlating these to sales outcomes and using the results to improve both campaign and agent performance.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

Business Flow Description

  1. Identify sales area and campaigns on which to focus--new sales conversion, up-sell/cross-sell, retention.
  2. Identify "topics" included in sales calls based on sales methodology or script steps, such as features, benefits, objection handling, asking for the sale, campaign messages, and qualifying questions.
  3. Create lists of phrases or words associated with topics.
  4. Classify calls based on sales outcomes (using content from within the calls, such as taking payment and confirming the order).
  5. Optional: Append metadata (such as sales value, new/existing customer information, segmentation) to calls from other systems.
  6. Classify agent performance as "high" or "low" based on conversion rates.
  7. Compare topics included in calls by high- and low-performing sales agents.
  8. Identify topics that differentiate between high and low performing agents.
  9. Focus training for agents on differentiating topics using high-performing agents as a model, and reduce call duration by reducing or eliminating time spent on non-differentiating topics.
  10. Compare topics included in calls with successful vs unsuccessful outcomes.
  11. Identify topics that differentiate between successful and unsuccessful outcomes.
  12. Refine campaign messages and scripts to focus on topics that differentiate in favor of successful outcomes, reduce emphasis, or eliminate topics that are non-differentiating.
  13. Monitor effectiveness of refined campaigns and newly trained agents to quantify improvement in sales outcomes.

Business and Distribution Logic

Business Logic

See the User Manual for search and discovery functionality.

Distribution Logic


User Interface & Reporting

Agent UI

Genesys Interaction Analytics is a browser-based user interface. Access control for specific employee roles can be configured and is handled via the User Security configuration.

More information can be found within the product administration guide.


Real-time Reporting


Historical Reporting

Historical reporting is provided by templates in the SpeechMiner UI (business interface), which is part of the Genesys Interaction Analytics platform. A full copy of the reports available is documented in the User Manual.

Customer-facing Considerations


All required, alternate, and optional use cases are listed here, as well as any exceptions.

All of the following required: At least one of the following required: Optional Exceptions

Workforce Engagement

None None None

General Assumptions

Available for Genesys on-premises customers for use with Genesys Interaction Recording and 3rd-party recording solutions.

Available for PureConnect Premise customers,via the "UConnector for PureConnect" which is a custom Professional Services asset.

Assumptions for PureConnect customers running Genesys Speech and Text Analytics

PureConnect Platform Assumptions:

Minor additional work is required to integrate 3rd-party recording and this is catered for in the use case. This has no practical impact on the performance of the system or the user experience.

Interactions must be unencrypted or, if encrypted, then provided in a form and with appropriate keys to enable decryption by Genesys.

The preferred format for recordings is WAV PCM (uncompressed). Preferred format for metadata associated with recordings is XML files with one XML file per recording.

When deployed with PureConnect, recordings are fed to Interaction Analytics via the "UConnector for PureConnect" which is a custom Professional Services asset.

The prerequisite for this use case on PureConnect is Genesys Speech Analytics (EE22)

UConnector for PureConnect is required to utilize Genesys Intelligence Analytics on PureConnect


Languages currently available include: English, Spanish, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic, Turkish.

Languages in development or on the roadmap include: Cantonese, Dutch, Canadian French.

Check with product team for specific dialects and planned dates for new languages.

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