Genesys Text and Speech Analytics for Customer Service (EE24) for PureConnect

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The Optimizer Use Case for PureConnect is not available. Please reference the Genesys Text and Speech Analytics for Customer Service (EE24) for Genesys Engage on-premises product and use case as a Workforce Engagement Management option.
Mine call recordings for insights to improve agent and customer experiences

What's the challenge?

Most customer requests and issues follow consistent patterns, but you still need people to make sense of their language to respond. Teams can still miss emerging changes in customer requests until they become bigger issues. Finally, how can you identify better issue handling to adopt for training?

What's the solution?

AI transcription of voice, combined with text interactions in all channels, identifies keywords and phrases along with customer context to improve responses. Detect changes in the occurrence of words and phrases over time and across interactions to unlock valuable insights into call outcomes.

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Use Case Overview

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Use Case Definition

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Business and Distribution Logic

Business Logic

User Interface & Reporting


Customer-facing Considerations


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