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Automate personal development plan for employees

What's the challenge?

Companies spend a lot of time and money to attract top performing talent — only to realize this talent leaves after a short tenure. When motivating and retaining employees is a challenge, the organization can feel like a revolving door. This takes a toll on morale, resources and your customer experience.

What's the solution?

Give employees a clear view of their long-term journey within your organization. After initial onboarding, a clear personal development plan keeps employees motivated and engaged. Aligning organizational KPIs with individual objectives, gives your employees a way to track their progress against individual development plans.

Use Case Overview

Story and Business Context

Employees can build their own Personal Development Plans, aligning the plans to their own individual KPI measurements. Managers can review, update and approve the plans in line with company goals. The solution can be used across the enterprise.This use case leverages the benefits from Genesys Performance Management (EE14) for Genesys Engage on premises and Genesys Skills Management (EE16) for Genesys Engage on premises, and provides these added benefits:

  • Online employee development plans – development plans can be created online, enabling the individual employee and manager to set objectives and development goals that are agreed on by both parties.
  • Continual development reviews – continual reviews of individual development can be carried out between the individual and manager to measure performance improvements over time.
  • Alignment of objectives with KPI targets – Key Performance Indicators can be used to set goals directly linked to individual performance.
  • Minimize employee attrition – Providing each employee with a clear and defined personalized development plan and career progression.

Use Case Benefits*

The following benefits are based on benchmark information captured from Genesys customers and may vary based on industry, lines of business or Genesys product line:

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Agent Competency Individual development plans are aligned with overall organization goals and can be continually reviewed to align performance.
Reduced Administration Costs Employees manage their development plans online, reducing administration overhead.
Reduced Employee Attrition Employees with clear and defined personalized development plans feel valued and are less likely to leave.
*You can sort all use cases according to their stated benefits here: Sort by benefits


Delivers the capability to the manager to build an employee journey with objectives and targets to be met and to track it across time.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

Business Flow Description

  1. Base-level Configuration Completed.
    • Employee creates Personal Development Plan with clear objectives and goals.
  2. Manager reviews Development Plan with individual and amends or adjusts as required.
    • Measurements set against KPIs and individual goals set and agreed upon.
  3. Approval by Manager of finalized plan.
  4. Periodic review carried out between manager and employee – comments added through the journey.
  5. Manager completes the "recommend potential capability" of employee.
  6. New goals and targets are set as employee progresses and improves.

Business and Distribution Logic

Business Logic

Employees propose the objectives and how they are to be achieved, and must decide on the target types and targets associated to the objectives.

A review process meeting takes place between the Manager and employee to agree the final targets.

Business users create a Feedback Potential Capability Assessment.

Manager approve the proposed plan, review the results on a periodic basis, and complete a potential capability assessment of the employee.

Distribution Logic


User Interface & Reporting

Agent UI

Agents access the Performance DNA Web UI with a supported browser. See Supported Operating Environment Guide for specific browser support.


Real-time Reporting


Historical Reporting

The Genesys PDNA product contains a number of out-of-the-box reports. See the Skills Assessor (PDNA) Administration Guide for details.

Customer-facing Considerations


All required, alternate, and optional use cases are listed here, as well as any exceptions.

All of the following required: At least one of the following required: Optional Exceptions

Workforce Engagement

None None

General Assumptions

  • Performance DNA solution is offered to On-Premise customers from a Standalone Cloud in a Cloud-only supporting Hybrid Architecture.
  • Performance DNA requires a minimum of 200 agent seats are required to deploy a local standalone (independent) instance.
  • KPI/Org data availability is mandatory for setting up the Performance DNA base configuration.

Document Version

  • Version v 1.0.4 last updated February 12, 2021

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