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Genesys Knowledge Management (CE28) for Genesys Engage on premises

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Offer FAQs to customers and a knowledge library to employees

What's the challenge?

Your customers don't want to call you if they don't have to — they'd prefer to find information on your website. But when online help is unavailable or produces poor search results, neither your customers nor your agents have quick access to the right answers.

What's the solution?

Consolidate knowledge that's scattered throughout your organization in a single searchable repository. Now, your customers can help themselves; but if they do reach out, your agents are also equipped to provide better, quicker assistance. Leverage machine learning to constantly improve and deliver search relevancy.

Story and Business Context

In most companies, knowledge is everywhere but it is inconsistent, often outdated and unmanageable because of the disconnected nature of service channels. This leads to customer frustration and higher costs. Genesys Knowledge Center helps companies gather knowledge that is scattered throughout the organization and makes it searchable via simple natural language queries. Organized into a single or multiple knowledge bases, knowledge can then be accessed by users on the website to help solve problems in a self-service fashion, as well as by employees through their agent desktop to help them assist customers more quickly. Machine learning is utilized to continuously improve the effectiveness of the knowledge bases.This allows companies to effectively use their knowledge bases to provide the most relevant, accurate answer to customers as quickly as possible across multiple channels.

Use Case Benefits

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Employee Occupancy Improve agent efficiency through the use of high quality, consistent content in the response library
Improved First Contact Resolution Improve service by presenting context-specific knowledge to agents that can resolve the customer's request or issue during the first interaction
Improved Net Promoter Score Enhance the customer experience by providing rapid access to frequently searched information and use of customer contextual information at every touchpoint to reduce customer effort
Reduced Handle Time Reduce handle time by finding the right responses for agents to use
Reduced Volume of Interactions Improve self-service effectiveness and online channel adoption by providing the best answers to customers


This use case provides web self-service with knowledge search. It enables deflection of unnecessary contact center traffic by providing context-sensitive knowledge articles to visitors of the company website. When the customer's question cannot be answered by the knowledge search, assisted service via chat or callback may be offered, and the agents will have access to a comprehensive and context-sensitive knowledge base within their desktop.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

Business Flow Description Knowledge-Assisted Web Self Service

  1. The customer visits the company's website and has a question.
  2. Customer accesses the FAQ knowledge base on the website through Genesys Widgets and asks a question. Optionally, the Genesys Widget can be configured to automatically pop up on pre-defined web pages after a pre-determined time threshold (Reference - BL1).
  3. Knowledge Center presents potential answer(s) to the customer's question. The number of answers to be displayed can be configured.
  4. Customer is offered relevancy survey: "Was this helpful? Yes or No."
  5. Knowledge Center collects relevancy and rating and records outcomes for reports.
  6. Optionally, a "Live Assistance" button can be presented to give the customer available live contact options via Genesys Widgets.
  7. If the customer is connected successfully to an agent via chat, the search history and the results from Knowledge Center are displayed to the agent.

Knowledge-Enabled Agent (after Live Assistance requested)

  1. If the customer's questions can not be answered via the search results, the agent invokes a new search using Knowledge Center within the agent desktop.
  2. Knowledge Center provides additional search results that could come from other knowledge bases available to the agent.
  3. If these results are still not answering the customer's questions, the agent consults other resources to resolve the question (information outside of Genesys, consultation with expert, etc).
  4. The agent completes the interaction and ends the call or chat. He provides disposition related to the type of question or type of assistance provided for reporting purposes.
  5. The agent updates the Knowledge Center based on outcome and use of results (relevancy). He might also provide suggested answers.

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