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The Gplus Adapter creates Activity History entries in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft USD at the end of an inbound or outbound call.

Activity History creation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft USD

The Gplus Adapter creates activity logs in Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Unified Service Desk (USD) for every interaction handled by an agent. When the agent marks an interaction as Done, the Adapter searches for a corresponding contact in Dynamics, creates an Activity History of type Call for the interaction, and associates it with the Dynamics record.

Activity History creation.png

The rule the Adapter follows to select the correct record for the activity log creation is the same as for screen pop records. The Automatic Number Identification (ANI) is used as the search main criterion.

Activity History fields

The Adapter automatically updates specific Microsoft Dynamics 365 or USD activity fields when it saves an Activity History entry. The table below provides an extensive list of Microsoft Dynamics 365 fields included in each Activity.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Activity Field Description
Subject Interaction ID
Call From Inbound call: contact from which the call originated

Outbound call: agent calling

Call To Inbound call: agent accepting the call

Outbound call: contact receiving the call

Phone Number Telephone number from which the call originated
Direction Type of call (inbound, outbound, or internal)
Duration Length of the call in minutes and seconds (updated when the call ends)
Description Comments and notes added by one or more involved agents

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Activity History fields

Saving interaction recording in Activity History

The Adapter can save the recorded voice file of both inbound and outbound calls.

The content of the Genesys interaction can be checked directly from the Activity History automatically created.

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