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Steps to generate new unmanaged solutions and create new screen-pop scenarios.

Unlike out-of-the-box use cases, which are deployed with the managed solution (as described in the Gplus installation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 or in Microsoft USD), to create new screen-pop scenarios, you must generate new unmanaged solutions. Follow this procedure.

The procedure for the customization of screen pops is the same for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CIF versions 1.0 and 2.0) and Unified Service Desk (USD).

Extract the following JavaScript files from the Gplus Adapter's managed solution:

  1. iwscriptCIFWWE.js
  2. utilCIFWWE.js
  3. iwsconfigCIFWWE.js
  4. translations_custom.js
  5. CustomMakeCallCIFWWE.js

Go in Settings and select Solutions from the Customization menu.

Selecting Solutions under Settings in the Customization menu

To create a new solution, click New.

Clicking New in the All Solutions section

Fill out the required fields of the new solution:

  • Display Name: your choice
  • Name: you can employ the same name you provided in the Display Name field
  • Publisher: search for the name of your organization or agent group
  • Version: your choice

Filling out the required fields of the new solution

Click Save. Then go to Web Resources and click New.

Clicking New in the Web Resources section

Fill out the required fields of the new web resource:

  • Name: your choice among the five files provided for the customization
  • Type: select Script (JScript) from the list menu

Filling out the required fields of the new web resource

Click Text Editor and insert the related JavaScript code.

Adding the related JavaScript code in the new unmanaged solution’s Text Editor

Click Save and Publish to finish the procedure. Repeat these steps for each of the five files.

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