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The Workflow Debugger allows you to test Workflows simulating the Gplus Adapter's functioning.

This section and all information related to the Workflow Designer only apply to Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Channel Integration Framework (CIF) version 1.0.

Unlike the current model, which necessarily needs the whole Gplus Adapter and the Genesys Multicloud CX environment, you can test the Workflows you designed with a useful tool coming along with the Workflow Designer: the Workflow Debugger, a sort of Adapter simulator.

The Adapter triggers Events inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 with a specific message. The Workflow Debugger simulates the trigger of this message exactly like the Adapter would do.

Displaying the Workflow Debugger

The Workflow Debugger is not displayed just after the Designer installation. To activate it, follow this procedure.

  1. Open the CIF application by clicking the Microsoft Dynamics 365 list menu and selecting Channel Integration Framework.
  2. Create a new channel provider by clicking + New.
  3. Provide the following parameters:
    • Name: any name
    • Label: Workflow Debugger
    • Channel URL: "https://<DynamicsDomain>/webresources/softphon_WorkflowDebugger.html"
    • Enable Outbound Communication: No
    • Channel Order: 1
    • API Version: 1.0
    • Trusted Domain:
    • Custom Parameters:
  4. Insert Workflow Editor App in the central selection (select Unified Interface Apps for the Channel).
  5. Click Save.
After filling out the Channel URL field, you have to replace <DynamicsDomain> with your own Microsoft Dynamics 365 domain.

After this procedure, the Workflow Debugger will be displayed on the right side.

After being activated, the Workflow Debugger is displayed on the right side

Click it and it will open.

After clicking it, the Workflow Debugger is opened

Using the Workflow Debugger

The Workflow Debugger has three controls:

Icon Description
Icon to entirely run the Workflow Entirely runs the Workflow.
Icon to run the Workflow step by step Runs the Workflow step by step.
Icon to refresh the Workflow Refreshes the Workflow.

All created Workflows are visible in the list menu. You can switch from one to another just by selecting one.

Within the Execution Data section, you can check all parameters on which the Workflow can operate. When running Workflows step by step, the Workflow Debugger shows information dynamically evaluated for each step here.

All tested and working sections of the Workflow turn green.

An example of a Workflow working correctly and turned green

In the case of an error, the incorrect sections are highlighted in red, while an error description is displayed on the right.

An example of a Workflow not working correctly, turned red and displaying an error message

When you run a screen-pop test, you can return to the Workflow Designer:

  • Either clicking Workflow Editor App in the upper left corner,
  • Or reselecting the wanted Workflow from the Workflow Debugger list menu.
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