Genesys Compliance Recording (EE29) for Genesys Engage on premises

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Enable your contact center to meet quality and/ or regulatory compliance requirement

What's the challenge?

Your contact center needs to meet quality and/or regulatory compliance requirements with voice and screen recording. If you don’t, you risk penalties and damaged reputation.

What's the solution?

Record 100 percent of customer conversations with an agent for compliance and regulatory requirements, including access control, encrypted communications and long-term storage.

Story and Business Context

Genesys Interaction Recording is a compliance and control platform based on Genesys SIP, the T-Lib protocol, and the Genesys proprietary event model. Fully integrated to the CIM platform, Genesys Interaction Recording provides economies and powerful recording control via a host of integrations across the suite. This solution enables the modern contact center to record the entire customer interaction, enabling the contact center to meet quality and/or regulatory compliance requirements.

Use Case Benefits

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Net Promoter Score Provides consumer protection, trust and transparency.
Reduced Penalties and Fines Recording 100% of calls with no lost calls reduces compliance risk and penalties.


This use case provides 100% voice recording of customer conversations with an agent for compliance and regulatory requirements, including access control, encrypted communications, and long-term storage.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

Business Flow Description

  1. Customer makes a call to one of the service lines of the company.
  2. An announcement is played to the customer that the call is going to be recorded. (*Compliance step)
  3. The call is handled and routed to an agent following the logic of the Inbound Voice distribution strategy that is implemented for the Service Line. This can be either the use case Genesys Call Routing (CE01) for GenesysEngage-onpremises or Genesys Personalized Routing (CE02) for GenesysEngage-onpremises.
  4. Genesys Interaction Recording starts the recording.
    • The interaction is recorded with reliability. (*Compliance step)
    • The communication between components is secured. (*Compliance step)
  5. Agent answers the call from any desk within the site.
    • The agent may (if enabled) pause and resume the recording manually via the standard integration with Genesys Workspace when sensitive data needs to be entered.
  6. Customer or Agent disconnects the call.
  7. Genesys Interaction Recording stops and stores the recording.
    • The recording is encrypted, and is stored encrypted at rest. (*Compliance step)
  8. Supervisor searches for, retrieves, and listens to a recording made by one of their agents.
    • Access to the recording is controlled. (*Compliance step)
    • User access and activity is available for audit. (*Compliance step)
  9. Legal and Compliance officer checks the system for compliance and retrieves recordings for legal purposes.
  10. Genesys Interaction Recording archives and purges recordings according to the rules defined in the system.

For more details

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