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Gain basic insight into voice interactions using speech analytics

What's the challenge?

Organizations that record all or a portion of their calls amass a significant amount of data in those recordings. The difficulty lies in sifting through thousands of hours of dialog to find what's most important - a task that's impossible without automation.

What's the solution?

It starts by automating the transcription of your calls. From there, you can discover trends such as frequency and changes in frequency of words and phrases. Use the search function if you're looking for something specific.

Story and Business Context

Organizations want to improve business performance, using the valuable information that is contained in recordings of interactions between customers and agents. It is impossible to mine even a small amount of the information contained in these recordings through manual sampling or listening.

Interaction Analytics provides organizations with the ability to mine the content of recordings for specific phrases that indicate the occurrence of key events relating to customer experience, agent performance, sales, and compliance.

This base use case introduces the Interaction Analytics technology and use of the speech-to-text engine to transcribe the content of voice interactions, search for key words and phrases, and automatically detect changes in the frequency of the occurrence of words and phrases over time and across interactions.

Use Case Benefits

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Agent Competency Mine and analyse speech recordings for specific words and phrases as a basic for improving agent competency in sales, compliance, customer service and customer experience.
Improved Employee Occupancy Supervisors can quickly scan contents of voice interactions for items of interest without having to listen to entire recordings.
Improved Insights and Visibility Better understand the use and frequency of occurrence of words and phrases, and the context in which they are used.
Improved Net Promoter Score Monitor conversations for changes in the use of words and phrases to identify changes in behaviour or emerging trends as an input to improving customer experience.


Enables the organization and its analytics teams to mine the content of voice recordings for specific phrases that indicate the occurrence of key events relating to customer experience, agent performance, sales, and compliance.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

Business Flow Description

  1. Interaction is recorded.
  2. Audio is transcribed to text.
  3. Words and phrases in transcribed texts are automatically clustered in terms of frequency and changes in frequency.
  4. Users can access search functionality to search for content in interactions.
  5. Users can access discovery functionality to identify emerging trends and word clusters.
  6. Users can play back interactions and read contents of transcription.

Note that in GIR, recordings are automatically fed to Interaction Analytics, while 3rd-party recording solutions require call recordings to be fed using batch processes.

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