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Record the entire IVR interaction

What's the challenge?

Incomplete information makes it much harder to monitor and coach your teams. End-to-end recordings should include IVR and multiple handoffs across layers and locations to understand the whole interaction.

What's the solution?

Genesys IVR Recording provides end-to-end digital recordings stored either on-premise or in the cloud. Recordings are key records that can be used for monitoring and reports, or can be used to drive insights in other systems such as WFO or AI transcriptions

Story and Business Context

Genesys Interaction Recording is a compliance and control platform based on Genesys SIP, the T-Lib protocol, and the Genesys proprietary event model. Fully integrated to the CIM platform, Genesys Interaction Recording provides economies and powerful recording control via a host of integrations across the suite.

This solution enables the modern contact center to record the entire customer interaction, enabling the contact center to meet quality or regulatory compliance requirements.

Use Case Benefits

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Net Promoter Score Recording IVR interactions provides a better understanding of how customers interact with it as a basis for improving customer experience.
Reduced Penalties and Fines Ensure compliance with operational and legal requirements by recording 100% of IVR interactions.


Delivers 100% voice recording of customer interactions within the IVR for compliance and regulatory requirements.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

The following diagram shows the business flow of the use case:

Business Flow Description Customer makes a call to one of the service lines of the company.

  1. The call is routed to the IVR.
  2. An announcement is played to the customer that the call is going to be recorded.
  3. Genesys Interaction Recording starts the recording.
  4. If needed, the customer or the system transfers the call to an agent.
  5. Customer or IVR disconnects the call.
  6. Genesys Interaction Recording stops and stores the recording.
  7. Supervisor searches for, retrieves, and listens to a recording made by one of their agents.
  8. Legal and Compliance officer checks the system for compliance and retrieves recordings for legal purposes.
  9. Genesys Interaction Recording archives and purges recordings according to the rules defined in the system.

For more details

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