Genesys Compliance Certification (EE19) for Genesys Engage on premises

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Deploy enterprise wide certification programs and fulfill regulatory compliance

What's the challenge?

Companies struggle to effectively certify employees and comply with regulatory requirements.

What's the solution?

Easily build, change, and manage employee certification, and report results across all your resources.

Story and Business Context

This use case builds on the Performance DNA base use case, Genesys Skills Assessment (EE13) for GenesysEngage-onpremises, to help organizations fulfill compliance regulatory requirements and build certification programs they can quickly deploy across the enterprise, including:

  • Ability to comply with regulatory requirements – The ability to measure and report compliance to regulatory bodies with ease.
  • Building a comprehensive certification program – The ability to easily build, change, and manage an employee certification program and track each employee's progress.
  • Lowering operating cost for compliance – A platform to quickly and cost-effectively deploy a compliance/certification program across the enterprise.
  • Real-time reporting – The ability to report in real time across individuals, teams, or business units on compliance levels. Gap analysis reporting to pinpoint additional focus areas for training and coaching.

Use Case Benefits

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Agent Competency Easily build, change, and manage a comprehensive employee certification program and track each employee's progress
Reduced Administration Costs Report on compliance to regulatory bodies easily and cost effectively.
Reduced Penalties and Fines Report in real time on compliance levels to quickly identify and address gaps, reducing the risk of penalties and fines for non-compliance.


Provides the ability to design and implement a certification or compliance program across the enterprise, targeted at each individual employee. Real-time reporting provides detailed analysis on completion and identifies any gaps in capability.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

The following diagram shows the business flow of the use case:

Business Flow Description

  1. Complete Performance DNA base configuration, including:
  2. Create or modify a suite of certification assessments, building certificates to be assigned to successful employees.
  3. Agents complete a suite of certification assessments.
  4. Collate Assessment results.
    • Unsuccessful attempts can be automatically reset.
    • Additional supporting learning items can be assigned.
  5. Manager is notified on completion and can review results and arrange coaching or additional learning.
  6. On completion, the certification report is updated with the names and dates of certified employees.

For more details

For additional details, contact your Genesys Sales Representative by filing out the form or for immediate assistance call us: 1-888-Genesys.