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Optimize employee utilization for voice interactions

What's the challenge?

Optimizing employees’ schedules is a tricky balance. Under staff, and customer experience can suffer as wait times climb, SLAs slip, and agents feel pressured. Over staff, and high workforce costs cut into your bottom line. Without easy, accurate forecasts, it’s hard to schedule your workforce effectively.

What's the solution?

Find the right balance. Your Genesys solution automatically gathers data, making it easy to get accurate forecasts and scheduling scenarios across queues and activities. Factor in agent skills and contract rules to cover your bases, and get real-time insight and monitoring into SLAs and schedule adherence.

Story and Business Context

This use case describes how Genesys Workforce Management helps you deliver a set of optimized schedules, utilizing agent skills and contract rules whilst providing editing and monitoring capabilities in the contact center.

A critical aspect to routing the call to the right agent is having an agent with the needed skills available to meet demand. Our solution optimizes staffing levels throughout the day and week to meet demand. As caller needs are identified and available skill segment agents are known, then optimal matching of the two can occur. Getting the caller to the most appropriate resource on the first pass results in fewer transfers, shorter contacts, and improved customer satisfaction.

The solution offers visibility into current information on agent performance metrics, schedule adherence and forecast variances. With this information, our solution allows for better management of variances between target and actual availability. Our solution also allows for specific adherence tools such as thresholds for maximum acceptable handle times.

The solution enables the precise scheduling of contact center agents based on integrated forecasting of expected activity. That means organizations are more likely to have an appropriate level of staffing for all portions of the workday. The result is reduced staffing costs, reduced telephony expenditures, and improved customer satisfaction.

Use Case Benefits

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Agent Adherence Help supervisors and agents to manage adherence to scheduled work.
Improved Employee Attrition Rate Empower agents with more control over their schedules by identifying skill gaps and extending mobility and easy-to-use web-based tools
Improved Employee Occupancy Optimize planning and resource utilization through accurate omnichannel forecasting & scheduling and skills
Reduced Administration Costs Reduce manual workforce scheduling activities by decreasing the time and costs associated with manual WFM efforts through the automatic updates of data, schedule shifts and database for skills and schedules. Reduce overtime expenditures by improving accuracy and precision of staff forecasting through Genesys WFM planning
Reduced Overtime Costs Optimizing Employee occupancy reduces overtime and therefore overtime costs.


Deliver a set of optimized schedules, utilizing agent skills and contract rules whilst providing editing and monitoring capabilities in the contact center.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

(1) Business Flow - Forecasting

The business flow described below requires the base configuration of the WFM to be completed and historical data to be available. The base configuration will be done by Genesys Professional Services within the scope of this use case as described below.

Business Flow Description The forecaster imports historical data into the configured system. The forecaster works through the forecast process:

  1. Creates a scenario or continues working on a previously saved scenario.
  2. Uses the Forecasting wizard to build a volume forecast:
    • selects the appropriate forecasting methodology
    • selects which activities to forecast
    • forecast is generated
    • makes manual changesThe forecaster uses the Staffing Build Wizard to determine the FTE requirements:
      • defines indirectly occupied
      • defines service level targets
      • defines shrinkage levels
      • publishes the master forecast
      Supervisors and Agents submit requests for changes into the system:
      • Exceptions
      • Meetings
      • Time off requests
      The forecaster modifies the forecast as required.
      When the forecast is ready to be published, the forecaster publishes it to become Master
      The Scheduler is notified that the Master forecast is published

Business Flow

(2) Business Flow - Scheduling

Business Flow Description

  1. The scheduler validates & sense checks the live forecast
  2. The scheduler uses the ‘Schedule Build Wizard’ to generate schedules:
    • selects sites and build parameters for each site
  3. Manual modifications are made as needed
  4. The scheduler publishes the master schedule
  5. Agents are notified of the detail of their working hours
  6. The schedules are modified as required
  7. Once the schedule is ready for hand-off to Intraday Management, the Scheduler will publish the Master Schedule and Intraday Management will be informed.

Business Flow

(3) Business Flow - Intraday

Business Flow Description

  1. The forecasters, schedulers, planners or supervisors manage adds, moves and changes to existing schedules based on their individual access rights, for example:
    • Time off / sickness requests
    • Changing breaks & meals in response to changing demand
  2. Agents are notified of changes as appropriate
  3. Master schedule is kept current
  4. Scheduler and Forecaster evaluate accuracy of forecast to actual and adjust accordingly.
  5. Supervisors can monitor the adherence of the agents in their team to the published schedule.

For more details

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