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Genesys Selective Recording (EE30) for Genesys Engage on premises

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Deliver selective recording of your agents based on metadata for review purposes

What's the challenge?

You need selective recording of agents for review purposes based on metadata such as percentage-based, business-unit based, and customer type-based interactions. Without this, you can’t monitor and improve team performance.

What's the solution?

With Genesys Selective Recording, you can define recording rules to capture the interactions that matter most to you.

Story and Business Context

Genesys Interaction Recording is a compliance and control platform based on Genesys SIP, the T-Lib protocol, and the Genesys proprietary event model. Fully integrated to the CIM platform, Genesys Interaction Recording provides economies and powerful recording control via a host of integrations across the suite.

This solution enables the modern contact center to record selective customer interaction, allowing the contact center to improve recording control and target discreet interactions for recording.

Use Case Benefits

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Reduced Administration Costs Target recording by percentage, type of call or customer according to business need.
Reduced IT Operational Costs Lower hardware footprint and storage requirements than for "blanket" recording.


This use case allows for selective recording of agent for review purposes based on metadata such as percentage-based, business-unit based, and customer type-based interactions.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

Business Flow Description

  1. Customer makes a call.
  2. IVR announces recording.
  3. Call is processed according to the inbound use case.
  4. Selective recording metadata triggers are met: percentage, business unit, customer type, language.
  5. Call is routed according to the inbound use case, with the recording flag set.
  6. Interaction Recording starts recording.
    • Agent pauses or resumes the recording.
  7. Customer or agent disconnects the call.
  8. Interaction Recording stops and stores the recording.
  9. Supervisor listens to the recording.
  10. Interaction Recording archives and purges the recordings.

For more details

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