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Genesys Omnichannel Workforce Scheduling (EE02) for Genesys Engage on premises

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Optimize employee utilization for all digital interactions

What's the challenge?

Your call center may have set hours, but your digital channels are always on. Without the right insights, it’s hard to create balanced schedules that allow your company to be responsive to digital interactions while considering employee hours, contracts, preferences and time off, and labor laws.

What's the solution?

Find the right balance. Your Genesys solution automatically gathers data, making it easy to get accurate forecasts and scheduling scenarios across channels. Factor in arrival patterns and hours of operation to cover your bases, and get real-time insight and monitoring into SLAs and schedule adherence.

Story and Business Context

When a contact center can effectively and accurately forecast and schedule for immediate and deferred work items, efficiency increases and centralization and standardization add even more value.

Use Case Benefits

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Employee Attrition Rate Empower agents with more control over their schedules by identifying skill gaps and extending mobility and easy-to-use web-based tools
Improved Employee Occupancy Provide accurate omnichannel forecasting & scheduling and skills for optimal planning and resource utilization through integration of routing with WFM
Reduced Administration Costs Reduce manual workforce scheduling activities by a decrease in time and costs associated with manual WFM efforts through the automatic updates of data, schedule shifts and database for skills and schedules
Reduced Handle Time Ensure that the most skilled, available resource handles each interaction through workforce planning capabilities of intelligent skills


This element of WFM allows users to forecast and schedule for non-immediate (“deferred”) work items like back office and digital.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

The business flow described below requires the base set-up of the system as described in the use case “Genesys Workforce Scheduling for Voice (EE01) - Basic”.

Additionally, one or more deferred activities need to be created prior to commencement of forecast process.

Business Flow Description A forecaster runs a staffing forecast in the same way as with inbound voice.

When staffing for deferred items, like back office and digital interactions, different options are presented in the staffing build wizard:

  • The initial queue is the size of the backlog
  • The service level objectives are expressed differently
    • % of Deferred Work completed in an amount of time (hours, minutes, seconds)
    • Non-interrupted time is a 24-hour clock, meaning if an interaction with a 12 hour SLA arrives at 08:00 (opening time) then it must be completed by 20:00.
    • Interrupted time is based on the opening hours of that activity. In the above example, the contact center closes at 17:00, the interaction must be complete by 11:00 the following day.
    • Business Days is the number of days in between opening and closing time, for example, an interaction arrives Monday it must be completed by Tuesday.
  • A different forecasting algorithm is invoked when using deferred activities which does not use Erlang-C logic.
  • The schedule generated by this forecast works in the same way as an inbound voice forecast: consumers of the calendar screen see the type of work that users are scheduled to contribute to.
  • The end result of this process is a schedule that contains optimal working hours for all agents in the contact center rather than just those working frontline, immediate types of work.

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