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This topic is part of the manual Digital Channels Private Edition Guide for version Current of Digital Channels.

Find out what to do before deploying Digital Channels.

Limitations and assumptions

Digital Channels for private edition has the following limitations:

  • Supports only a single-region model of deployment.
  • Social media requires additional components that are not included in Digital Channels.

Download the Helm charts

Digital Channels in Genesys Multicloud CX private edition includes the following containers:

  • nexus
  • hubpp
  • tenant_deployment

The service also includes a Helm chart, which you must deploy to install all the containers for Digital Channels:

  • nexus

See Helm charts and containers for Digital Channels for the Helm chart version you must download for your release.

To download the Helm chart, navigate to the nexus folder in the JFrog repository. For information about how to download the Helm charts, see Downloading your Genesys Multicloud CX containers.

Third-party prerequisites

Install the prerequisite dependencies listed in the Third-party services table before you deploy Digital Channels.

Third-party services
Name Version Purpose Notes
Redis 6.x Used for caching. Only distributions of Redis that support Redis cluster mode are supported, however, some services may not support cluster mode.Digital Channels supports Redis deployed in either cluster (TLS) or non-cluster (non-TLS) mode.
PostgreSQL 11.x Relational database.No support for enforced SSL.
Ingress controller HTTPS ingress controller.
HTTPS certificates - Let's Encrypt Use with cert-manager to provide free rotating TLS certificates for NGINX Ingress Controller. Note: Let's Encrypt is a suite-wide requirement if you choose an Ingress Controller that needs it.
HTTPS certificates - cert-manager Use with Let's Encrypt to provide free rotating TLS certificates for NGINX Ingress Controller.
Load balancer VPC ingress. For NGINX Ingress Controller, a single regional Google external network LB with a static IP and wildcard DNS entry will pass HTTPS traffic to NGINX Ingress Controller which will terminate SSL traffic and will be setup as part of the platform setup.
A container image registry and Helm chart repository Used for downloading Genesys containers and Helm charts into the customer's repository to support a CI/CD pipeline. You can use any Docker OCI compliant registry.
Command Line Interface The command line interface tools to log in and work with the Kubernetes clusters.

Storage requirements

Digital Channels uses PostgreSQL and Redis to store all data.

Network requirements

For general network requirements, review the information on the suite-level Network settings page.

Genesys dependencies

Digital Channels has dependencies on the following Genesys services:

  • Genesys Authentication
  • Web Services and Applications
  • Tenant Microservice
  • Universal Contact Service
  • Designer

For detailed information about the correct order of services deployment, see Order of services deployment.

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