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This topic is part of the manual Digital Channels Private Edition Guide for version Current of Digital Channels.

Learn about Digital Channels architecture


The following diagram shows the high-level architecture of Digital Channels (labelled as "nexus").

For information about the overall architecture of Genesys Multicloud CX private edition, see the high-level Architecture page.

See also High availability and disaster recovery for information about high availability/disaster recovery architecture.

Architecture diagram — Connections

The numbers on the connection lines refer to the connection numbers in the table that follows the diagram. The direction of the arrows indicates where the connection is initiated (the source) and where an initiated connection connects to (the destination), from the point of view of Digital Channels as a service in the network.

Pe dc architecture.png

Connections table

The connection numbers refer to the numbers on the connection lines in the diagram. The Source, Destination, and Connection Classification columns in the table relate to the direction of the arrows in the Connections diagram above: The source is where the connection is initiated, and the destination is where an initiated connection connects to, from the point of view of Digital Channels as a service in the network. Egress means the Digital Channels service is the source, and Ingress means the Digital Channels service is the destination. Intra-cluster means the connection is between services in the cluster.

Connection Source Destination Protocol Port Classification Data that travels on this connection
1 Async API custom client Digital Channels through Third-Party Messaging API HTTPS 443 Ingress/Egress Delivers messages to Digital Channels and sends messages from Digital Channels.
2 Genesys Widgets Digital Channels HTTPS 443 Ingress Chat interaction data.
3 Workspace Web Edition Digital Channels HTTPS/WSS 443 Ingress Data for chat, social media, and SMS interactions.
4 Designer Digital Channels HTTP 80 Intra-cluster Routing information for various Digital Channels.
5 Tenant Service Digital Channels HTTP 80 Intra-cluster Chat communication for routing and self-service purposes
6 CX Contact Digital Channels HTTP/WS 80 Intra-cluster Outbound campaign data and record statuses.
7 Digital Channels Genesys Web Services and Applications HTTP/CometD 80 Intra-cluster Interaction management and configuration access.
8 Digital Channels Universal Contact Service HTTP 80 Intra-cluster Access to contact and interaction history.
9 Digital Channels Redis Redis Intra-cluster Shared real-time data for ongoing chat sessions.
10 Digital Channels PostgreSQL Postgres Intra-cluster Provisioning data and authentication information for third-party bots.
11 Digital Channels Third-Party SMS and Email aggregators HTTPS 443 Ingress
12 Digital Channels Interactions Webhooks HTTPS 443 Egress Notifications about state changes in chat and secure email interactions.
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