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This topic is part of the manual Digital Channels Private Edition Guide for version Current of Digital Channels.

Learn about Digital Channels and how it works in Genesys Multicloud CX private edition.

Digital Channels powers your customer interactions across the chat and SMS channels. It provides a platform that enables you to grow sales, create more targeted marketing campaigns, and deliver exceptional customer service. The Digital Channels service processes, manages and archives customer and agent interactions across media.

Chats and SMS are treated just like regular Genesys interactions. When customers communicate with your company on one of these channels, Genesys matches them against customers already in the contact database. If there's a match, the agent handling the interaction has access to all previous interactions with the contact. Until the interaction is marked Done, agents can also return to the chat conversation at any time in the future — for example, they might need to take time to find additional information for the contact or initiate a business process in your company.

Supported Kubernetes platforms

Digital Channels is supported on the following cloud platforms

  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • OpenShift Container Platform (OpenShift)

See the Digital Channels Release Notes for information about when support was introduced.

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