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This topic is part of the manual Workforce Management Agent Help for version Current of Workforce Management.

View information about how time-off bidding works and what happens when you recall a bid that falls within the bidding period.

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When time-off (vacation) bidding is enabled and you submit time-off requests with dates that fall within a bidding period, they are not processed right away. Instead, WFM delays granting the time-off requests until the processing date. On that date WFM grants all time-off requests from the bidding period, based on seniority and/or rank. Time-off requests that are not granted are processed, based on their submission order, if there are available slots in time-off limits.

When you submit time-off requests that fall into a bidding period, you will see a warning dialog informing you that the submitted request falls into the bidding period. If you select Proceed, the time-off request is submitted for later processing.

Time-off requests that are wait-listed are processed at a later time, based on the configured time-off limit or restriction, and are no longer processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

After submitting your time-off requests with dates that fall within a bidding period, you will change the bidding period status to Ready in the Time-Off Bidding Period dialog.

After WFM processes your time-off requests and you return to the Time Off views, you will see all of the days for which you requested time off. In the Calendar view, click a specific day to see the request details, including its status (for example, whether or not the request has been granted). You can do this for any time-off request; not just the time-off requests that fall within a bidding period.

Editing time-off items during bidding

Be aware, when you recall any time-off item in a batch that WFM performs the action on all of the items that were submitted in that batch, considering it to be one request.

Time-off balances

Time-off requests that are created and granted when the time-off bidding feature is enabled, appear as regular time-off items and impact your time-off balances for that specific time-off type.

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