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This topic is part of the manual Workforce Management Agent Help for version Current of Workforce Management.

Use common settings and controls to complete similar tasks in multiple views.

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Changing the date

When you open the WFM Agent application, your schedule displays the current week, by default. (To change the default setting, see the On Startup section of My Settings.)

If you want to display a different week in your schedule, change the date, by using the date arrow buttons Previous WM 852 nw prev arrow.png and Next WM 852 nw next arrow.png or the pop-up calendar button WM 852 nw calendar button.png. See the figure below.

WM 852 nw date prev-next combo.png
Figure: Date and Calendar buttons

Similar buttons appear in other WFM Web views. In some views, they move you by different time intervals, as discussed below.

To use the date arrows:

  • Click WM 852 nw prev arrow.png to move backward.
    • In the Schedule, Trading, and Preferences views, you reach the previous week.
    • In the Time Off view, you reach the previous year.
  • Click WM 852 nw next arrow.png to move forward.
    • In the Schedule, Trading, and Preferences views, you reach the next week.
    • In the Time Off view, you reach the next year.

To use the pop-up calendar:

  1. Click the Calendar button WM 852 nw calendar button.png.
    A calendar appears.
  2. Set new dates:
    1. Click a day to select the week containing that day.
    2. Click the month drop-down list to jump to a different month.
    3. Click WM 852 nw cldr icon bkwd.png or WM 852 nw clndr icon frwd.png on either side of the year to jump forward or back one year.
  3. Click OK.
    The window automatically refreshes to match your date selection.

Changing the settings in a view

You can change the settings in all of the views in the Schedule, Trading, Preferences, and Time Off modules (except the Preferences > Availability Patterns view ).

  • Click Settings WM 852 nw s stgs.png in the upper-right corner of the view to add additional columns or change the data that is displayed.
    The settings are different for each view.

Using the page navigation controls

When any of the WFM Agent views has more than one page of data, use the navigation buttons First WM 852 nw first page.png, Previous WM 852 nw prev page.png, Next WM 852 nw next page.png, and Last WM 852 nw last page.png to move between the pages. These buttons are grouped with a numeric indicator of your position within the pages: WM 852 nw first page.png WM 852 nw prev page.png 1 of 1 WM 852 nw next page.png WM 852 nw last page.png.

Using the keyboard to sort columns

You can use the number keys on your keyboard to sort columns in any views that have tables with sortable columns.

To sort columns using the keyboard controls:

  1. Place your cursor inside a table.
  2. Press the number key on your keyboard that corresponds to the column number, when counting left to right.
    For example, if the column is the third one from the left, press "3". The key acts as a toggle, sorting the column in ascending or descending order.

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