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This manual is for version Current of Workforce Management.

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Article Description
Article Description
Adding exceptions to your schedule Add Exceptions or Payback Exceptions to your schedule.
Bidding View and bid on schedules in bidding scenarios and rank the priority of your bids.
Bidding on overtime View and bid on overtime shifts covering the hours you choose to work. See bid offer details, submit, and manage your bids.
Configuration View your personal information, shared transport arrangements, and schedule Exception totals.
Creating trade proposals Create and send shift trade proposals to other agents, by using one of three Trading views.
Getting started Become familiar with WFM Web for Agents and some of its basic features.
How autogranting works Find out how your time-off requests are affected when autogranting is enabled.
How bidding works View information about how time-off bidding works and what happens when you recall a bid that falls within the bidding period.
Logging in and out Learn about things to watch for when logging in and out of WFM.
Managing multi-site trade proposals Customize this view to display the proposals you want to see and easily find detailed information about trading agents, proposals, and schedules.
Managing single-site trade proposals Review and manage your shift trade proposals and responses.
Managing your preferences Manage your preferred shifts, availability, and days off.
Managing your schedule bid assignments Manage your schedule bids by moving them between the Desired or Unwanted lists, or removing them altogether.
Managing your time-off requests View and manage your time-off requests.
Multi-site trading Trade scheduled work days with agents at other sites.
Preferences Set preferences for your availability, shifts, and days off.
Schedules Views your schedule and other agents' schedules.
Time off View your time-off request details and customize these views to suit your preferences.
Trading Read about the shift trading process and the requirements for a successful trade.
Using availability patterns Use availability patterns to indicate your preferred shifts for a single week or multiple weeks.
Using common settings and controls Use common settings and controls to complete similar tasks in multiple views.
Using shared transport Manage your participation in shared transport groups.
Viewing exception totals See the accumulated total hours for all of your Exception types.
Viewing other schedules Filter, sort, and search for other agent's schedules.
Viewing preference details Edit settings and filters to customize the display of your preference details.
Viewing proposal and trade details View your proposal and trade details, and other agent's details.
Viewing proposals and my trades View schedule trade details and manage your trade proposals.
Viewing schedules in scenarios View, sort, and filter schedule details in scenarios.
Viewing time-off bidding periods View bidding periods in which you can request time off.
Viewing your schedule details View and manage your schedule.
Viewing your time-off balances Track your balances for different time-off types.

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