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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Pulse Private Edition Guide for version Current of Reporting.

Find out what to do before deploying Genesys Pulse.

Limitations and assumptions

There are no known limitations.

Download the Helm charts

For more information about how to download the Helm charts in Jfrog Edge, see the suite-level documentation: Downloading your Genesys Multicloud CX containers

To learn what Helm chart version you must download for your release, see Helm charts and containers for Genesys Pulse

Genesys Pulse Containers

Container Description Docker Path
collector Genesys Pulse Collector <docker>/pulse/collector:<image-version>
cs_proxy Configuration Server Proxy <docker>/pulse/cs_proxy:<image-version>
init Init container, used for DB initialization <docker>/pulse/init:<image-version>
lds Load Distribution Server (LDS) <docker>/pulse/lds:<image-version>
monitor_dcu_push_agent Provides monitoring data from Stat Server and Genesys Pulse Collector <docker>/pulse/monitor_dcu_push_agent:<image-version>
monitor_lds_push_agent Provides monitoring data from LDS <docker>/pulse/monitor_lds_push_agent:<image-version>
pulse Genesys Pulse Backend <docker>/pulse/pulse:<image-version>
ss Stat Server <docker>/pulse/ss:<image-version>
userpermissions User Permissions service <docker>/pulse/userpermissions:<image-version>

Genesys Pulse Helm Charts

Helm Chart Containers Shared Helm Path
Init init yes <helm>/init-<chart-version>.tgz
Pulse pulse yes <helm>/pulse-<chart-version>.tgz
LDS cs_proxy, lds, monitor_lds_push_agent <helm>/lds-<chart-version>.tgz
DCU cs_proxy, ss, collector, monitor_dcu_push_agent <helm>/dcu-<chart-version>.tgz
Permissions cs_proxy, userpermissions <helm>/permissions-<chart-version>.tgz
Init Tenant init <helm>/init-tenant-<chart-version>.tgz
Monitor - yes <helm>/monitor-<chart-version>.tgz

Third-party prerequisites

Appropriate CLI must be installed.

For more information about setting up your Genesys Multicloud CX private edition platform, see Software requirements.

Third-party services
Name Version Purpose Notes
PostgreSQL 11.x Relational database.
Redis 6.x Used for caching. Only distributions of Redis that support Redis cluster mode are supported, however, some services may not support cluster mode.Note: Pulse does not currently support Redis Cluster; use Redis in stand-alone mode.
A container image registry and Helm chart repository Used for downloading Genesys containers and Helm charts into the customer's repository to support a CI/CD pipeline. You can use any Docker OCI compliant registry.
Load balancer VPC ingress. For NGINX Ingress Controller, a single regional Google external network LB with a static IP and wildcard DNS entry will pass HTTPS traffic to NGINX Ingress Controller which will terminate SSL traffic and will be setup as part of the platform setup.

Storage requirements

Logs Volume

Persistent Volume Size Type IOPS POD Containers Critical Backup needed
pulse-dcu-logs 10Gi RW high DCU csproxy, collector, statserver Y Y
pulse-lds-logs 10Gi RW high lds csproxy, lds Y Y
pulse-permissions-logs 10Gi RW high permissions csproxy, permissions Y Y
pulse-logs 10Gi RW high pulse pulse Y Y

The logs volume stores log files:

  • To use the persistent volume, set the log.volumeType to the pvc.
  • To use the local storage, set the log.volumeType to the hostpath.

Genesys Pulse Collector Health Volume

Local Volume POD Containers
collector-health dcu collector, monitor-sidecar

Genesys Pulse Collector health volume provides non-persistent storage for store Genesys Pulse Collector health state files for monitoring.

Stat Server Backup Volume

Persistent Volume Size Type IOPS POD Containers Critical Backup needed
statserver-backup 1Gi RWO medium dcu statserver N N

Stat Server backup volume provides disk space for Stat Server's state backup. The Stat Server backup volume stores the server state between restarts of the container.

Network requirements

No special requirements.

Genesys dependencies

Ensure that the following services are deployed and running before you deploy Genesys Pulse:

  • Genesys Authentication:
  • Genesys Web Services and Applications
  • Agent Setup
  • Tenant Service:
    • The Tenant UUID (v4) is provisioned, example: "9350e2fc-a1dd-4c65-8d40-1f75a2e080dd"
    • The Tenant service is available as host. For example, in GKE, it is: "tenant-<tenant-uuid>.voice" port: 8888
  • Voice Microservice:
    • The Voice service is available as host. For example, in GKE, it is: "tenant-<tenant-uuid>.voice" port: 8000
All services listed must be accessible from within the cluster where Genesys Pulse will be deployed.

For more information, see Order of services deployment.

GDPR support

Genesys Pulse supports the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). See Genesys Pulse Support for GDPR for details.

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