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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Pulse Private Edition Guide for version Current of Reporting.

Find the metrics Pulse exposes and the alerts defined for Pulse.

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Service CRD or annotations? Port Endpoint/Selector Metrics update interval
Pulse ServiceMonitor 8090
    app.kubernetes.io/name: {{ include "common.util.chart.name" . }}
    app.kubernetes.io/instance: {{ include "common.util.chart.fullname" . }}
    service: {{ .Release.Namespace }}
    servicename: {{ include "common.util.chart.name" . }}
    tenant: "shared"

Endpoints to query:

  • For a list of metrics: /actuator/metrics/
  • For metric output: /actuator/metrics/pulse.health.all / actuator/metrics/pulse.health.connections
30 seconds

See details about:

Metrics[edit source]

The pulse_*_Boolean metrics are readable only from Prometheus directly. You cannot read them using the cURL command-line tool.

Metric and description Metric details Indicator of

Overall Pulse application status.


Type: Gauge
Sample value: 0.5


Status of the connections to the external services (Auth, GWS, Redis, and DB).


Type: Gauge
Label: connection
Sample value: 0


Alerts[edit source]

Alerts are based on Pulse, Java, and Kubernetes cluster metrics.

The following alerts are defined for Pulse.

Alert Severity Description Based on Threshold
pulse_service_down Critical All Pulse instances are down. up for 15 minutes

pulse_critical_pulse_health Critical Detected critical number of healthy Pulse containers. pulse_health_all_Boolean 50%

pulse_critical_running_instances Critical Triggered when Pulse instances are down. kube_deployment_status_replicas_available, kube_deployment_status_replicas 75%

pulse_too_frequent_restarts Critical Detected too frequent restarts of Pulse Pod container. kube_pod_container_status_restarts_total 2 for 1 hour

pulse_critical_cpu Critical Detected critical CPU usage by Pulse Pod. container_cpu_usage_seconds_total, kube_pod_container_resource_limits 90%

pulse_critical_memory Critical Detected critical memory usage by Pulse Pod. container_memory_working_set_bytes, kube_pod_container_resource_limits 90%

pulse_critical_hikari_cp Critical Detected critical Hikari connections pool usage by Pulse container. hikaricp_connections_active, hikaricp_connections 90%

pulse_critical_5xx Critical Detected critical 5xx errors per second for Pulse container. http_server_requests_seconds_count 15%
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