Tenant Permissions Service metrics and alerts

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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Pulse Private Edition Guide for version Current of Reporting.

Find the metrics Tenant Permissions Service exposes and the alerts defined for Tenant Permissions Service.

Service CRD or annotations? Port Endpoint/Selector Metrics update interval
Tenant Permissions Service
The Pulse Permissions service does not make any metrics available.

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Metrics[edit source]

The Pulse Permissions service does not expose metrics.

Metric and description Metric details Indicator of

Alerts[edit source]

Alerts are based on Kubernetes cluster metrics.

The following alerts are defined for Tenant Permissions Service.

Alert Severity Description Based on Threshold
pulse_permissions_critical_running_instances Critical Triggered when Pulse Permissions instances are down. kube_deployment_status_replicas_available, kube_deployment_status_replicas 75%

pulse_permissions_too_frequent_restarts Critical Detected too frequent restarts of Permissions Pod container. kube_pod_container_status_restarts_total 2 for 1 hour

pulse_permissions_critical_cpu Critical Detected critical CPU usage by Pulse Permissions Pod. container_cpu_usage_seconds_total, kube_pod_container_resource_limits 90%

pulse_permissions_critical_memory Critical Detected critical memory usage by Pulse Permissions Pod. container_memory_working_set_bytes, kube_pod_container_resource_limits 90%
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