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Page CanonicalBenefitID CanonicalBenefit UCBenefitID UCBenefit
BO01/Canonical Improved Customer Experience Speed access to automation of work assignments and priorities to consistently meet service levels.
BO01/Canonical Improved Employee Utilization Quickly get work into the hands of available staff to increase productivity.
BO01/Canonical Reduced Employee Attrition Rate Get up and running quickly so you can employ business rules to ensure staff are treated fairly.
BO02-Email/Canonical Improved Customer Experience Create a single task list that is prioritized and worked to meet service levels
BO02-Email/Canonical Improved Employee Attrition Rate Apply business rules to multiple work items to ensure staff are assigned the right tasks, fairly. (Genesys Multicloud CX only)
BO02-Email/Canonical Improved Employee Utilization Automate the assignment of a variety of tasks to available staff to increase productivity
BO02/Canonical Improved Employee Utilization Automate the prioritization and assignment of tasks and leads with continuous push distribution to increase productivity.
BO02/Canonical Increased Revenue Pushing the highest prioritized leads to sales reps help them follow-up quickly with captured leads to improve conversion rates.
BO02/Canonical Reduced Employee Attrition Apply business rules to multiple work items to ensure staff are assigned the right work, fairly. (Genesys Multicloud CX only)
BO03/Canonical Improved Customer Experience Constantly prioritize, monitor and, if needed, escalate tasks in work bins to meet service levels.
BO03/Canonical Improved Employee Utilization Apply business rules to consistently feed tasks to work bins to keep staff busy.
BO03/Canonical Improved First Contact Resolution Group tasks so employees that pick them are able to address the customer’s issue the first time.
BO04/Canonical Improved Customer Experience Personalize work item distribution based on customer context to help people faster.
BO04/Canonical Improved Employee Utilization More intelligently distribute tasks to available staff to increase productivity.
BO04/Canonical Reduced Interaction Transfers Use customer information to route work to the right resources the first time.
BO06/Canonical Improved First Contact Resolution AI models can optimize for specific KPIs such as FCR by using outcome prediction to match customers to the agent most likely to resolve their query.
BO06/Canonical Increased Revenue AI is used to match customers to the best agent to deliver the best customer experience, which increases brand loyalty and reduces churn to grow customer lifetime value.
BO06/Canonical Reduced Handle Time Matching customers to the best agent to solve their query optimizes contact center resources by reducing average handle time.
BO07/Canonical Improved First Contact Resolution Users must be able to report, monitor and make decisions regarding their contact center/customer experience. Knowing when changes need to be made and its impact requires the ability to identify and understand anomalies. This can improve FCR.
BO07/Canonical Increased Revenue Manage resources to optimal service levels to increase revenue and improve business outcomes.
BO07/Canonical Reduced Administration Costs Users must be able to report, monitor, and make decisions regarding their contact center/customer experience. Knowing when changes need to be made and its impact require the ability to identify and understand anomalies This reduces labor costs.
BO11/Canonical Improved Customer Experience Delivery of committed tasks on time and providing better quality answers due to better matching skills
BO11/Canonical Improved Insights and Visibility Providing additional case and task information to gain insights and visibility into the performance across the end to end process.
BO11/Canonical Reduced Penalties and Fines Drive work to be resolved prior to breaching the service level, legal, operational or contractural obligations and optimize the use of your resources
CE01/Canonical Improved Customer Experience Shorter wait times and more accurate resolutions by connecting inbound calls or leads to the best matched representative make better customer experiences and improve Net Promoter score
CE01/Canonical Increased Revenue The ability to route a sales call to the best skilled sales representative increases sales conversions
CE01/Canonical Reduced Transfers Reduce the need for help or transfers by routing interaction to most qualified resource.
CE02/Canonical Improved Customer Experience Recognizing a customer and reducing their effort leads to improved satisfaction scores.
CE02/Canonical Increased Revenue Using value-based routing and prioritization of repeat callers helps you to increase revenue.
CE02/Canonical Reduced Handle Time Matching a customer with their previous or best equipped agent, with context, reduces handle time.
CE03/Canonical Improved Customer Experience By offering an option to avoid long hold times, you show that you value the customer’s time.
CE03/Canonical Improved First Contact Resolution Enable companies to improve customer experience by providing wait time information and call back functionality. Savings from dynamic callback may reduce incoming follow-up call volume related to incoming follow-up or repeat calls.
CE03/Canonical Reduced Interaction Abandonment Reduction in callers who abandon while waiting in the queue, then call in again later. Dynamic Voice Callback reduces abandons, reduces time formerly spent waiting in queue before abandoning.
CE04/Canonical Improved Customer Experience Increased first call resolution rate and improved Net Promoter Score. Use priority tuningto gradually increase priority levels over timeto ensure that customer calls are handledwithin their service level
CE04/Canonical Improved Employee Utilization Route Skype for Business voice interactions to the best-fit agent to handle requests. Use a virtualized agent pool to maximize resources.
CE04/Canonical Increased Revenue Increase revenue by properly routing Skype for Business calls to agents who are best at cross-selling and up-selling.
CE05/Canonical Improved Net Promoter Score Route to an expert with full context, or proactively contact the customer when applicable.
CE05/Canonical Increased Revenue Reduce churn and boost retention through nurturing — giving repeat contacts a higher priority level.
CE05/Canonical Reduced Handle Time Use enhanced context and preempt repeat inbound contacts by proactively providing information.
CE07/Canonical Improved Customer Experience Proactively recognizing — even greeting — your callers helps improve the customer experience.
CE07/Canonical Reduced Handle Time Self-service identifies the customer automatically based on their caller ID or other identifier. This information is passed to the agent and eliminates the need for callers to repeat themselves.
CE07/Canonical Reduced Interaction Abandonment Certain self-service tasks require a solid means of authentication. If a caller cannot be adequately identified, the call will likely end up waiting for an agent to be available.
CE08/Canonical Improved Customer Experience Offer customers the option of agent-assisted or fully automated phone payments.
CE08/Canonical Increased Revenue Improve the accuracy and efficiency of payments by phone.
CE08/Canonical Reduced Penalties and Fines Reduce the risk of fraud-related penalties or data breach.
CE09/Canonical Improved Containment Rate Help customers service themselves quickly and easily so they don’t want to speak to an agent.
CE09/Canonical Improved Customer Experience Personalize the self service experience to make it fast and effortless.
CE09/Canonical Improved First Contact Resolution Use dynamic menus for self service options, and transfers, to resolve issues the first time.
CE10/Canonical Improved Customer Experience Enables users to complete tasks faster and more efficiently.
CE10/Canonical Improved First Contact Resolution Present users with personalized menus and options based on context.
CE10/Canonical Reduced Handle Time Capturing complex information visually will reduce IVR dropouts and increase self-service.
CE11/Canonical Improved Conversion Rates Conversion rates, cross-sells and up-sell rates will improve through the ability to automatically generate outbound calls and empowering agents with single searchable desktop application that shows customer context
CE11/Canonical Improved Employee Utilization Ensure that agents are utilized to the fullest extent — not idle, waiting for work.
CE11/Canonical Reduced Customer Churn Provide proactive engagements for customer renewals or cross-sell.
CE12/Canonical Improved Net Promoter Score Strengthen customer relationships and loyalty with proactive, context-rich communications.
CE12/Canonical Increased Revenue Increase in response rate including renewals and activations.
CE12/Canonical Reduced Volume of Interactions Contacting customers proactively via an SMS or Email message will reduce the volume of inbound interactions handled by agents.
CE13/Canonical Improved Employee Utilization An omnichannel outbound engine improves the number of productive contacts per agent (occupancy) and reduces cost expenditure from under-utilized outbound resources.
CE13/Canonical Increased Revenue Close rates, cross-sells and up-sell rates will improve by generating outbound contact through voice, SMS or email and empowering agents with single searchable desktop application that shows customer context across all channels
CE13/Canonical Reduced Volume of Interactions Contacting customers proactively via SMS, Email or voice message will reduce the volume of inbound interactions handled by agents
CE14/Canonical Improved Customer Experience 75% of customers have improved experiences after receiving timely and helpful updates.
CE14/Canonical Increased Response Rates 5% improvement in NPS scores.
CE14/Canonical Reduced Customer Churn 40% of companies see higher satisfaction due to proactive customer communication.
CE16/Canonical Improved Customer Experience Customers enjoy a faster, more personalized experience through their preferred channel.
CE16/Canonical Improved First Contact Resolution Routing emails to the best-fit agent ensures the right skills for faster resolution.
CE16/Canonical Reduced Handle Time Email automation tools increase agent productivity for faster handling of email interactions. 
CE17/Canonical Increased Revenue Improve revenue through recognizing and escalating opportunities
CE17/Canonical Reduced Handle Time Improve average handling time by providing agents with suggested responses.
CE17/Canonical Reduced Volume of Interactions Reduce volume of interactions handled by agents by deflecting to automated responses.
CE18/Canonical Improved First Contact Resolution Routing chats to the best-fit agent ensures the right skills for faster resolution.

CE18/Canonical Increased Revenue Live chat during the buying process can improve conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment.
CE18/Canonical Reduced Handle Time Routing chats to the best-fit agent assures the right skills for faster resolution.
CE19/Canonical Improved Customer Experience Provide consistent CX across social networks by providing agents customer info and social context.
CE19/Canonical Improved Employee Utilization Deliver interactions to the best available resource with escalation to other channels when needed.
CE19/Canonical Increased Revenue Increase revenue and reduce customer churn with improved resolution of business outcome.
CE20/Canonical Improved Customer Experience Increase satisfaction by using context and rules to reduce effort and personalize interactions.
CE20/Canonical Increased Revenue Improve up-sell and cross-sell conversion rates by routing to the best skilled agent.
CE20/Canonical Reduced Handle Time Determine intent and identity, and use context data and journey info to route requests to the best agent.
CE21/Canonical Improved First Contact Resolution Click-to-call within the website or app reduces customer effort and connects the customer with the company creating a seamless and provides an enjoyable experience.
CE21/Canonical Increased Revenue Increase online sales conversions as the customers can readily get help at the point of purchase. Remove barriers to buy and optimize campaigns to increase sales.
CE21/Canonical Reduced Handle Time Connecting callers to the best-fit agent with context, results in more efficient call handling. Give agents greater digital context to speed resolution.
CE22/Canonical Improved Customer Experience Offer a return call instead of waiting on hold and prove that you value customers’ time. Enabling click-to-call option on your website or your app, we can increase online conversions with easy access to assisted service at the customer's preferred time.
CE22/Canonical Increased Revenue Offer another channel to complete the online sales process. Enabling click-to-call option on your website or your app, we can increase online conversions with easy access to assisted service at the customer's preferred time.
CE22/Canonical Reduced Handle Time Customer Context Data is collected and passed to the agent, thus shortening interaction times shortened due to agent knowing subject matter of request in advance. Agents can review relevant context prior to completing the callback.
CE23/Canonical Improved Customer Experience Understand behaviors on web and mobile to provide the foundation for a better experience.
CE23/Canonical Increased Revenue Discover insights on customers intent and propensity to buy.
CE23/Canonical Reduced Interaction Abandonment Reduce web and mobile abandonment by engaging customers on those channels.
CE24/Canonical Improved Employee Utilization Agents can manage multiple chat interactions, with journey context, which results in improved productivity.
CE24/Canonical Improved First Contact Resolution Based on customer journey, route to the best skilled agent with full context, which can improve FCR.
CE24/Canonical Increased Revenue By proactively offering a chat based on customer journeys, you can increase online conversions.
CE25/Canonical Improved Net Promoter Score Proactively helping customers reduces their frustration and increases satisfaction scores.
CE25/Canonical Reduced Handle Time Helping customers to complete their task stops you needing to start it over again.
CE25/Canonical Reduced Volume of Interactions Calling customers back reduces your inbound calls.
CE27/Canonical Improved Customer Experience Provide proactive agent-assisted service; actively guide your customer to a solution.
CE27/Canonical Improved First Contact Resolution Quickly grasp the customer's issue and provide contextual support.
CE27/Canonical Reduced Handle Time Leverage annotations, comments and browser control to aid quick resolution.
CE28/Canonical Improved Customer Experience Consolidate online help in an easily accessible repository with the most relevant search results.
CE28/Canonical Reduced Handle Time Equip agents with comprehensive and context-sensitive help information.
CE28/Canonical Reduced Volume of Interactions Proactively offer customers knowledge articles and the ability to self-serve.
CE29/Canonical Improved Employee Utilization Combine text messaging with automated responses to boost agent productivity.