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Titles and Taxonomy

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Genesys Web Monitor

Monitor customer behavior on your website to enable proactive engagement

Customer Engagement


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Canonical Information

Platform Challenge and Solution

Platform Challenge: Customers are using your web and mobile sites to explore their own issues online, but it's hard to understand their behavior. The result is high abandonment rates and lack of access to customer service or support.

Platform Solution: Genesys Web Monitor gives you the tools to monitor your customers’ web and mobile behavior in real-time and to observe and identify actionable events. This includes input for proactive engagement or treatment on other service channels.

Platform Benefits

The following benefits are based on benchmark information captured from Genesys customers and may vary based on industry or lines of business:

Canonical Benefit Explanation
Improved Customer Experience Understand behaviors on web and mobile to provide the foundation for a better experience.
Increased Revenue Discover insights on customers intent and propensity to buy.
Reduced Interaction Abandonment Reduce web and mobile abandonment by engaging customers on those channels.

High Level Flow

High Level Flow Steps

  1. Customer is trying to apply for a loan online
  2. Customer is right in the middle of the application process and decides to decline. Customer is confused
  3. The system detects that customer has just cancelled the application and probably needs assistance
  4. Based on business rules the system decides next action

Data Sheet Image

Canonical Sales Content


  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Head of Customer Experience
  • Head of Customer Service

Qualifying Questions

  1. Do you monitor customer behavior on web and mobile sites?
  2. Are you able to engage with customers based on their behavior and past interactions?
  3. Are you able to use web and mobile insights to influence future marketing programs and contact center interactions?

Pain Points (Business Context)

Desired State - How to Fix It

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