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This topic is part of the manual Digital Channels Administrator's Guide for version Current of Digital Channels.

Learn how to integrate WhatsApp into Agent Workspace.

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Genesys Digital Channels enables you to integrate WhatsApp into Agent Workspace. The WhatsApp messaging service enables the exchange of text messages, emojis, images, and Highly Structured Messages (HSM) between your agents and customers.

After you complete the steps on this page, you can treat WhatsApp communications like any other Genesys interaction. For example, you can route messages to the best-skilled agent using a Designer application. Reporting is also available through Genesys CX Insights.

Configure channels in Genesys Hub

Set up connections to WhatsApp in Genesys Hub.

Enable Digital Shared Services

Enable service channels in Agent setup to connect to the channels you created in Genesys Hub. When you create a Designer application to route social media interactions, it pulls the data from these channels.

  • To create service channels, contact your Genesys representative.

Configure Agent Workspace

Go through the normal process to configure any necessary desktop options for the agents in your contact center, in particular for chat.

Create a Designer application

Create a Designer application to route WhatsApp interactions to the right agents. Note: The service channel you created previously is listed under Manage Digital Endpoint in Designer.

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