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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Customer Experience Insights Private Edition Guide for version Current of Reporting.

Learn how to access logs for Genesys Customer Experience Insights (GCXI).

GCXI logging

GCXI writes logs in the following locations:

  • pod stdout -- General GCXI logs, which you can use for troubleshooting.
  • log folder, mounted at /mnt/log -- MicroStrategy logs, which MicroStrategy support sometimes requests.

Log Level

Configure the following log-related container variables if necessary:

  • DEV_XTRACE_LEVEL — Enables / disables Bash xtrace level in container stdout. It accepts the following values:
    • OFF = bash xtrace off (default)
    • DEBUG = partial bash xtrace with concealed secrets (sometimes needed for troubleshooting).
    • ALL = full bash xtrace. Caution: everything, including passwords, is visible in the console log. This log level can be necessary in some troubleshooting scenarios.
  • DEV_ERR_EXIT — Enables / disables container exit on error. This variable is not directly related to logging, but is sometimes useful for troubleshooting. It accepts the following values:
    • true / false (default is true).

Redirect to stdout

You can optionally redirect logs to stdout (with Fluent Bit sidecar and No Shared Log Volumes). Use this option to view logs that are not sent to console output by default. To enable this option, set the following parameters in values.yaml:

#deploy fluentbit sidecar to redirect file logs to stdout?
deployFluentbitSidecar: true
# use emptyDir volume for logs?
useEmptyDirLogPV: true

Configure the Fluent Bit version

You can optionally set the Fluent Bit version to match the one available in your environment. To modify the default image location and version, set the following parameters in values.yaml:

   # full image notation, consumed as is
   fluentbit: fluent/fluent-bit:1.8

Log Retention

Many GCXI logs are written as files to a local volume (for example, by MicroStrategy, GCXI Utils, or Tomcat). GCXI does not clean up these files; Genesys recommends that you configure appropriate log retention policies.

RAA logging

RAA writes logs to console output by default, which provides integration with tools such as Fluent Bit, FluentD, LogStash, or New Relic collector. The default Log level is .:INFO.

Retrieving Logs

Optionally, you can:

  • Change the level of log by setting the raa.env.LEVEL_OF_LOG Helm value.
  • Write logs to a file inside the container by overriding the raa.env.LOG value.

For example:

    LOG: "/genesys/raa_health/aggregator.log"

For more information, see the option level-of-log, and the Logging overview and approaches documentation.

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